September 1, 2014

Do’s to have Good Posture

Sit tight

Sit upright with your back straight; it should rest on the backrest of the chair.

Make sure that your back touches the chair.

Your feet should touch the floor completely.

At no point should you feel that you are straining your back or legs more than necessary.

Take a stand

Stand straight with your feet spread slightly apart.

Put your weight equally on both legs and avoid leaning on one leg.

Don’t bend forward [hunchback], avoid standing with your feet extremely vast or with your pelvis thrust forward. This puts will leave more strain on your back.

Lift right

Whenever you lift anything off the floor, make sure you bend at your knees at the waist.

When you bend wrongly, even while lifting a small pin from the floor will definitely cause your back to jerk or to get locked in the wrong position leading to severe pain.

You must keep up this posture while sweeping or swabbing and you should not bend keeping your knees straight.

When you are about lift something heavy, stand very close to the object with your feet extended firmly apart.

When lifting, make your stomach muscles tight and try to use the strength from your leg muscles.

Sleep well

Use a pillow when you are going off to sleep, it helps the neck and back to rest in their normal position. Sleeping without pillows, might put pressure on your neck and back.

Sleep on your back. Avoid sleeping on your stomach because it will create digestion problem and puts added strain on your lower back, and makes it tough when you wake up.

Always turn to your side first, when you are getting up from a lying position to avoid straining your back.

Walk the correct walk

Keep your back straight and stomach tucked in.

When you take stairs, make sure that your heel lands first, followed by the rest of your foot.

Do not lean forward or back; it strains the back muscles.

When you go for jogging, never stand on just the toes, but land the entire foot to take the impact off the knees and ankles.

If you hear a thump as you land, chances are you not performing it right.

Watch your form

The posture when you observe during work outs is known as form. You can find people with most injuries in the gym which probably happened if they had followed incorrect form.

In fact, while performing yoga people will try to stress themselves in order to become more flexible, which is absolutely incorrect. This may cause muscle cramp.

When you perform even some simple exercises wrongly, it will reduce the effectiveness of your complete workout. In addition, it puts you under greater risk of injuries. So do your exercises in the correct form and get benefited.

Take time to learn and perfect your techniques when you work out because it is very difficult to unlearn an incorrect technique. Do follow theses postures to keep you fit enough.

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