• Face Glow Day Cream

    Carefully chosen and a special blend of roses. Grape Fruit, Nutmeg & Witch Hazel with Essential Oils for Healthy Glowing Skin

    Face Glow Day Cream

  • Face Glow Night Cream

    Highly soothing orchids with the rejuvenating neroli. Makes it a passionate blend with natural essential oils to revitalize and repair your skin for flawless glow.

    Face Glow Night Cream

  • Elixir Hair Oil

    Exotic blend of ayurvedic essential oils. Stops Hair Fall, Revitalises, Nourishes, Hydrates & Strengthens the Hair Follicles.

    Elixir Hair Oil

  •  Magic Beauty Face Oil

    Unique blend of ayurvedic essential oils with 24 K gold flakes. Hydrates, Plump, replenish the skin Leaves the skin soft glowing

    Magic Beauty Oil

  • Beard Oil

    Beard Oil

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