Evescafe | Yoga for Hair Loss

Evescafe | Yoga for Hair Loss

A beautiful head of hair is something that we all wish for; whether in the form of long, lustrous locks that entice an onlooker to run his fingers through or playful curls that bounces and dances with each step one takes, or a smart, short crop that shines with health and vitality. Healthy hair is truly a person's crowning glory and it is often the source of poetry for some and many for others!

Hair needs to be tended to and taken care of; after all, it is an extension of us, our body. It is one of our most noticeable assets and even an instrument of vanity and yet, we often do not value it when we have it.

You value it only when it starts to fall and there's a drastic thinning. Or when it grows Grey, we sit up and take notice and worry about oil massages and hair tonics. We are desperate enough to do anything to regain at least a part of its former splendor.

It is unfortunate when most of the odds seem to be stacked against us, making it seem virtually impossible to regain that we have lost. Many people begin to lose sleep over extreme cases of hair fall, a condition known as alopecia, thus sinking into depression, causes more hair fall. So in other words, it is a vicious cycle that can be quite impossible to break.

Practicing yoga helps you to keep depression at bay. Meditation techniques and deep breathing exercises, pranayama is very helpful in treating restlessness and depression. Once the melancholy aspect of one's personality is under control, hair fall and premature greying will slow down greatly.

There are also many other yogasanas that helps to heal from depression. When you practice yoga on a regular basis, it bestows healthy hair that you crave and deserve. These asanas will bring your hair loss down to the bare minimum, put an end to premature greying as well as give a luster and bounce to your hair. Yoga not only reduces hair fall but also gives very good health. Yogasanas such as shirshasana and sarwangasana greatly helps to inhibit hair fall immediately if the person is not already experiencing any health problems such as thyroid or anemia. Find out the causes of hair fall, especially if you are experiencing more hair loss than normal and have been continuing for a long period of time. It's better to practice shirshasana and sarwangasana for a healthy scalp.

Hair, just like our body, falls sick. We can nurture it back to health, following the same principles that we do in order to have a healthy, fit body the right food, proper rest, no nicotine and of course, regular exercise. The benefits of such a lifestyle can be felt by us and seen by others literally from head to toe.

Important pranayamas and asanas for hair growth are kapalbhati pranayama, anulomvilom, vajrasana, shasankasana, marjariasana, paschimottasana, padhastana, pawanmuktasana, vipareet karnee asana, shirshasana, sarwangasana, matsayasana, meditation.

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