Evescafe | Venice (Italy)

Evescafe | Venice (Italy)
Float into paradise

Explore Venice that has 118 tiny Italian islands linked by over 150 canals and hundreds of bridges. Go for a moonlit gondola ride on the Grand Canal, and look on as the buildings pass by. Or, explore the town on foot, through winding lanes and past buildings balanced on oak and pine posts.

Stunning views and better deals await as you move further away from the center of the city, so don't stick to the beaten path. Just tuck into hearty Italian meals, and surrender to the soul of Venice.

How to get there

Flights to Venice are available from Delhi, Goa, and Mumbai. Once at the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, get to the city by venezia Air terminal bus, water taxi or Alilguna motor boat.

Where to stay

The stunning apostolic palace is approximately Rs 15000 per night for a double occupancy. For a wider range of accommodation.

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