Evescafe | Total well being at your Thirties for Women

Evescafe | Total well being at your Thirties for Women
Total well being at your Thirties for Women

Heart health, bone density and eyesight are all at either peak now. But your thirties are often your most stressful decade as you try to reconcile a sense of growing older, increased responsibility at work and the possibility of a new or growing family.

Must doLessen your exposure to toxins

Partly due to the work hard/play hard/ eat on the run hangover from our twenties, it's been suggested during 30's our body is exposed to more than 500 chemicals every day. This affects everything from your weight to your fertility. High levels of toxin lower the chance of IVF success. Cut chemical exposure by eating organic and using natural cleaning products and cosmetics. Folic acid found in leafy green vegetables, asparagus, whole grains, and fruits such as strawberries and oranges, is the key detoxifying nutrient. It enhances your body's natural detoxification system.

The therapy to tryPilates

Back problems often start in our thirties. Post-child birth, the pelvis can shift, and stressed, tense muscles can also distort positioning. Leaving this untreated cause various health problems and the wear and tear it causes will trigger pain in the next few years. Pilates can help counter this by strengthening the core muscles that support the back.

The supplement to think aboutAgnus castus (chasteberry)

Hormonal fluctuations post-pregnancy and/or the fact that stress increases levels of progesterone means many women find PMS worsens in their thirties. Chasteberry is one of the best ways to modulate symptoms.

The surprise health boostJournaling

Women who write about their feelings in their thirties are more likely to live into their nineties. The key to healthy journaling is to write about both the good and the bad, and not to reread your entries.

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