Evescafe | Top 7 Stress Bursting Foods

Evescafe | Top 7 Stress Bursting Foods

Due to unhealthy lifestyles and busy schedules, most people experience stress, fatigue and depression which cause cell damage. The more you are stressed the more it can cause adverse effects on your body, and behavior. When you are stress yourself your cortisol(stress hormone) levels gets raised and causes food carvings. Stress can also cause both short- and long-term physical problems that include impaired memory, damage the body cells, blood pressure, promote inflammation , cardiovascular disease, and a low functioning immune system.

Looking for foods that reduce stress your stress levels! Here is the solution!. Managing your stress levels are as simple as eating the right foods. And also, keeping a positive approach along with incorporating plant foods in your diet will help manage stress. Here is a list of foods that helps to manage your stress levels through the daily hassles.

1. Blueberriesblue_berries

Blueberries are good stress busters. A handful of blueberries contain a powerful punch of antioxidants and vitamin C that not only helps you stay calm but also improves overall energy. As it is packed with enormous amount of stress fighting vitamin C, it reduces the high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone in our body. It has power of controlling both short and long-term stress. When you eat blueberries on daily basis, it will decrease oxidation stress and thereby lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. For healthier heart and long life include these berries in a high fiber cereal every day.

2. Dark Chocolatechocolate

Dark chocolate have incredible health benefits when it is eaten in small portions every day. Various studies shows munching dark chocolate helps to slash the high levels of cortisol and catecholamines stress hormones, especially for those with high anxiety. It has the ability to control the stress levels since it is fully loaded with magnesium a mineral helps to fight depression and irritability. Also, the presence of healthy antioxidants in dark chocolate will keep your heart healthy. Besides, it is highly effective in reducing your blood pressure and lightening up your stamina.

Note: Dark chocolate is rich in calories so crunching more will pack on the pounds and can cause more stress.

3. Dried apricotsapricot

Dried apricots are bountiful source of mineral magnesium which is indispensable for healthy nerves and relaxing the body muscles. It is also a natural stress-buster that minimizes heart palpitations brought on by stress. Apricots also include high content of vitamin C that fights stress while improving your immune system. Always eat apricots in very small portions because it contains fructose, a type of sugar.

4. Lentilslentils

The presence of huge content of depression fighting folate and various types of Vitamin B such as Vitamin B5, B6 & B12 in lentils helps to scale down tiredness and fatigue. In addition to fighting chronic stress, it balances the blood sugar and promotes your energy levels. It is a good comfort food to be included in your diet to relieve from stress as well as calm your tired muscles.

5. Carrotscarrots

This delicious vegetable is the right choice when you're feeling stressed. Carrots are rich in stress fighting nutrients and greatly help to increase serotonin production which combats stress. As it is a good source of vitamins and minerals, it regulates blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy. Being a great stress reducer, it releases mental stress in the jaw without adding excessive calories when you eat it.

6. Banana:banana

This luscious fruit is loaded with Vitamin C an excellent stress fighting nutrient helps to restore the cell damage caused due to mental stress. Bananas are packed with potassium which maintains healthy heart muscles. Bananas are very tasty fruit and are full of potassium which helps to boost your energy while reducing your tension. Many researches has proven that they are good in soothing the mind as it contains high levels of tryptophan, an amino acid that increase the secretion of serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and etc. Are you stressed, Just grab a banana and recharge yourself!

7. Avocadoavocado

B vitamins are very important for healthy nerves and brain cells, and to balance the feelings of tension. Butter fruit has stress-relieving B vitamins, potassium and unsaturated fats, which reduces blood pressure. When you are stressed just have avocado milkshake that would really help you to calm your stress levels.

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