Evescafe | Tips for Tightening the Skin after Pregnancy

Evescafe | Tips for Tightening the Skin after Pregnancy

Most women are struggling to lose baby fat and saggy skin, especially in the abdomen area. Loose skin can be embarrassing, but if you regularly work out after pregnancy, you can lose weight as well as tone your muscles more quickly. There are many healthy ways to lose the baby weight and toning your body, but it requires at least five to nine months post-pregnancy.

It's always recommended to get rid of the extra skin without medical intervention. Since your body has undergone certain changes in the course of pregnancy, you have to work out a lot to make your body return to its normal shape.

We have some useful tips that would really help you to tighten your skin so you can fit into the clothes you want. If your skin is very slow to recuperate, try the following tips and look gorgeous with your toned body.

Increase Your Water Intake:

Water is just not indispensable for our body to expel the toxins, but also hydrating our skin. Drinking more water increases the skin's elasticity which will help to tighten the loose skin.

Drinking 9 to 10 ounce of water throughout the day would really help to firm your loose skin. It also helps to burn your extra calories. In addition, most physicians suggest to more water if you are breastfeeding because it is one of the finest ways to keep your skin healthy and tighter.


Breastfeeding is a good source of nutrition for your baby and is highly essential to keep your baby's health and maintain your skin health.

If you breastfeed, your calories will get converted into milk, thus helps you to lose the extra pounds. Various studies have proven that a breastfeeding mother shed weight shortly than a non-breastfeeding mother.

Exercise Helps:

It is necessary to indulge in an exercise regime after a few months of child birth. Take expert advice from your doctor if you had a cesarean delivery before beginning an exercise routine. Aerobic exercise will be greatly helpful for overall fitness and to tighten your saggy skin. To firm your skin, start walking within a few weeks of delivery and do exercises such as jogging, cycling and etc.

And also, you can include postpartum yoga or abdominal exercises into a total-body fitness plan while consuming a nutritious diet to fit your loose skin. Swimming is another good option to lose your weight as wells tone up your body muscles.

Eat your Protein:

We all know that protein is the best option for muscle growth, but most people don't know that it is filled with a very essential nutrient called collagen that firms your skin, especially post delivery. You should intake protein based on your body weight and the extent of physical activity you do. Lean protein contains certain nutrients that help a lot our skin remain elastic. On an average, it's recommended to eat 50 grams of protein every day.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

Eating four to five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day post pregnancy contributes you body the required nutrients while firming your skin. Don't starve or skip your meals because it slows down your metabolism which leads to more weight gain. To get rid of loose skin, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that have high water content in it. These fruits and vegetables hydrate the skin and thus help to get a healthy and tightened skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin:

An excellent way to get firmly tighten skin is using an exfoliating scrub on your body before taking a shower. It plays a vital role in promoting the blood circulation by improving the flow of blood in the area. It is a good way to regenerate new, healthy and more elastic skin.

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