Evescafe | Striking Blue

Evescafe | Striking Blue

As a color, blue can be soothing to the extent of being depressing, and bright and playful too. So carefully pick blues that blow your blues away. You could use blues inspired by the sea and coat, in a whole range of light, dark and greenish shades.

To effectively bring blue into your interiors, paint an accent wall in a dramatic blue. Balance it with pretty flora's in blue, white and grey that will help break the monotony of a solid shade. Lend blue a new dimension by interspersing it with dashes of yellow and pink or ever green.

Flora and fauna

Use fresh green plants and flowers in white or purple to extend the feel of happy, fresh exhilaration. Indoor flowering plants always add to your interiors.

Theme party

If you stick in only one shade in blue, even if fit is bright and cheery, you will be soon bored of your decor. Play with shades and hues within a style of your choice, like floral's, stripes or graphic designs, to make a very pretty picture.

Top tip

When you are going with blue theme that tends to get oppressive, ensure the base color of your wood and furniture is light. This helps retain the buoyancy of the color scheme.

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