Evescafe | Steps to Keep your Heart Fit and Healthy

Evescafe | Steps to Keep your Heart Fit and Healthy

Even though men are more prone to heart disease, women are anatomically prostrate towards heart health. With narrower blood vessels, we need to take even better care of our hearts. A study by the New England Journal of Medicine in India concludes that the number of coronary diseases in women has increased by 300 percent. There is a lot more that keeps this vital organ agile, active and happy.

Here are some steps to keep your heart fit and healthy;Emotions in Check.

Much has been said about the link between stress and heart disease. Long term disease leads to high blood pressure which in turn leads to heart disease. It can also lead to dysfunction of other organs which may affect the heart. Anger, hostility and aggression are the new risk factors. Making efforts to maintain a sunny disposition and keep positive company to go a long way in cutting heart disease risk.

Measure your Peg.

Women can handle lesser quantities of alcohol than men as they have a lesser amount of alcohol dehydrogenate, an enzyme that curbs the toxic effects of alcohol. Not all alcohol is bad for the heart; a glass of red wine is actually beneficial as it contains antioxidants.

Boost Circulation

An optimally functional circulatory system eases the pressure on the heart while ensuring the supply of oxygen-enriched blood to all organs. You can enhance your blood circulation by walking at an average speed for an hour, brisk walking for 30 minutes or jogging for 20 minutes per day also helps. Stimulating massages, hot and cold showers and inverted yoga are also good for circulation.

Keeps it Pumping Right

High Blood Pressure occurs when your blood is moving through the arteries at a higher pressure than usual? It damages the heart and blood vessels. You can keep a tab on it by attaining normal weight, quitting smoking, limiting sodium and alcohol, staying relaxed and ensuring adequate intake of calcium, magnesium and potassium. A healthy pulse rate for women along with an average resting heart rate is ideal and indicates normal arterial pressure.

Take a Deep Breath

Deep breathing as well as exercise helps the heart tremendously. Pranic breathing releases larger amount of oxygen into the blood stream, so the heart has an easier job. It also lowers tension and increases lung capacity that not only leads to calmer feelings but also ensures good overall health.

Daily Zone

Getting quality and quantity sleep of at least six to eight hours is more important. It gives your organs especially the heart a chance to rejuvenate. Any horizontal position especially sleeping rests the heart and lungs and repairs the damaged cells.

Have Some Sex

In addition to releasing tension and stress, enhancing immunity and burning calories, sex is also hugely beneficial to cardiovascular health. Researchers have now concluded that frequent or regular sexual intercourse slashes the risk of fatal heart attacks. A loving touch and warm caresses on a regular basis also help lower blood pressure in women.

Test in Peace

Monitor the condition of your heart annually with tests like fasting sugar level, SGPT for fatty liver, lipid profile for heart, treadmill exercise test and 3-D echocardiography for heart functions.

Standard Scale

Fluctuations in weight are difficult for the heart to cope with increasing risk of coronary artery disease. Maintaining a stable weight range over a period of time is important for the heart.

No smoking Please

Smoking constricts blood vessels and hinders the ability to supply oxygen around the body. Smokers are six times more likely to get a heart attack and those attacks are more likely to be fatal in nature. Even after quitting smoking completely, it can take two years for the damage to be reversed.

Move It

While all workouts keeps the heart from heart attack , aerobics or cardiovascular exercises beats everything. This is most beneficial in allowing the heart to improve its function for the long term. Aerobics exercises includes swimming, regular, step and water aerobics, running, bicycling, skipping and stair climbing.

Take it Easy

A recent study concluded that commuters battling their way through heavy traffic have a three-fold increase in the risk of heart attack and it continues until a couple of hours later. This is probably due to feelings of agitation and claustrophobia. Chaos is so much a part of urban life that it leaves little spaces for calmness, positive thinking and sense of humor. Possessing these will do a good turn for your heart.

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