Evescafe | Natural Remedies for Split Ends, Hair Damage & Hair Growth

Evescafe | Natural Remedies for Split Ends, Hair Damage & Hair Growth

Check out our video to know how to keep your hair healthy!! ..Here are the Natural remedies for How to Protect Your Hair from Hair Breakage. There are various factors that contribute to dull and dry hair which leads to hair breakage. The factors could be illness, nutritional deficiencies, use low quality hair care products, excessive exposure to sun, and frequent use of hair styling tools, aging, and depression and chlorinate water. These factors can stop the hair growth if it prolongs.

Remove split or dead ends of your hair. Use wide toothed comb to remove tangles. Avoid brushing your wet Hair because it will be in its weakest state when it is wet. So it's better to avoid brushing your hair as immediately you take shower. Do not use styling tools on your Hair often. It not removes moisture from your Hair but also makes it dry and frizzy.

Moisturize your Hair:hair_conditioner

You must use a leave-in-conditioner or deep conditioning of your hair because well-nourished hair is less prone to dryness and breakage. Avoid too much Washing of your Hair. And also, washing your hair every day makes your hair dry and prone to permanent damage.

Don't wash your hair every day. If you have super oily hair or if your hair looks greasy even the same day after you wash your hair, then you can wash it three to four time in a week.

Relax your hair:

Hair pulled tight back into ponytails, braids and buns can break your hair. Do not use rubber bands as they can cause your hair to split and break.

Hot Oil Treatment:Barrys Hair Studio Shiatsu Head Massage

Pulled back ponytails, braids and buns can leads to hair breakage. Avoid using rubber bands on a regular basis it can easily damage your hair strands and can cause splits.

Try natural home remedies like Hot Oil Treatment for your hair to prevent hair breakage..Hot oil treatment is really effective to prevent hair breakage. It's just enough to be used twice a week to repair your damaged hair. This hot oil treatment helps to keep the moisture level of your hair and to prevent hair breakage.

Take 4 to 5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or based on your hair length, you can take the required amount of in a bowl. Warm it for a few seconds and allow it to cool. You are not supposed to heat the oil. It's just enough to warm it. Apply and massage the warm olive hair oil onto your scalp and hair. Wash your hair at least after 45 minutes using mild shampoo. It is recommended you apply moisturizing conditioner too after shampooing your hair.

These home remedies would help you to stop hair loss as well as to prevent hair breakage naturally.

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