Every gonna be bride would be very much focused on her wedding events and to look absolutely stunning! So, to look gorgeous on your wedding day, you have to take some essential beauty products to freshen up your gorgeous bridal glow as long as needed.


Take a beautiful clutch that can hold all the must haves needed on your wedding day. To look pleasing and charming, you must carry certain things in the clutch to fix any futures issues that happen accidentally.

Take Blotting papers:

Blotting papers are really useful for the bride on her big day. Because, it helps the bride to wipe away the sweat and take the shine off especially on the brides nose and t-zone area. with shine on your face, you won't look good on photographs. Blotting papers helps to avoid such conditions as well as the bridal makeup from rubbing off!

The next thing a bride should have is Mini makeup kit:

Take a small makeup kit in your clutch. Your face sure looks absolutely good at the beginning of the ceremony. But as the hours, your makeup will not be the same. A mini makeup kit helps to get rid of all these troubles.

You must also take Lip gloss/lipstick:

Nothing lights up the face like the lipstick or lip-gloss. If it gets rubs off, it can spoil the bride’s look.So, Lip-gloss or lipstick is quite important because the lips would be the focus of every smiling photograph.

Make sure to take Stain removal packets:

A bride will be moving around during the rituals and there are chances that brides dress gets stained. thus, having stain removal packets helps you to remove these stains easily!

Safety Pins:

Its good to Have Safety pins in your clutch...Safety pins must for Indian brides. It will be really useful just in case the saree pleats is not properly tucked in or if the saree pleats gets loose or the lehgans dupatta falls off.

Bobby Pins:

Take a bunch of bobby pins in your clutch. If any strand of hair gets loose you can fix it back in place with these bobby pins and pose for the photographs confidently.

Take Tissues with you

Tissues are really helpful to wipe away sweat dripping down your makeup. Also, tissues help to wipe off the eyeliner or mascara that might get smudges off.

Take Lenin Handkerchiefs:

Handkerchiefs are needed for the brides to wipe away the tears of joy. Preferably you can take linen handkerchief. And also these days, you can avail specially designed handkerchiefs in vibrant colors and beautiful designs.

Carry Mint or Gum:

Mints are one of the most important must-haves on your wedding day. Fresh breath is pretty important during any occasion. With so much close proximity to friends and relatives, a simple burst of minty flavor goes a long way to help the bride to feel fresher.

You can also take Aspirin (or pain reliever of choice), Extra earring backs, Hair spray, Linen handkerchief.

This way the bride can fix her bridal makeup and enjoy the special moments happily.

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