Evescafe | Kutch (Gujarat, India)

Evescafe | Kutch (Gujarat, India)
Sunset on the border in Kutch

Kutch in Gujarat, a home to desert wolves, chinkaras, blue bulls, Indian foxes and jackals. About 200 species of flamingos lives here. Kutch is renowned for its khur (wild ass) sanctuaries. Enjoy the novel and exotic experience of the Shaam-e-Sharad Rural Resort (sunset on the border), a full embodiment of eco-tourism.

This beautiful and calm place is located near Hodka village and is owned and managed by a committee of village dwellers from the surrounding areas. The ambiance within the rooms has been infused with warmth-with throw rugs and quilts emblazoned with lively prints, wooden dressers with inlaid mirror chips, and local fabric draped opulently over large French windows.

How to get thereFly from Indian metro to Bhuj, Hodka village is easy to access by air, road and rail.Where to stayThe Shaam-e-Sarhad Rural Resort. Tariffs start at Rs 2000 per night for a double tent.
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