Evescafe | Kitchen Decor Ideas

Evescafe | Kitchen Decor Ideas
Kitchen Decor Ideas

Need some inspiration? Looking for more ideas to create unimaginable kitchen in your style? Be it a traditional, modest or contemporary interior designs, it's easy to create if you follow the below mentioned points. We detail jam packed full of interior design ideas and practical advice about how to turn your house into a stylish, beautiful home.

Find stylish and fresh ideas for the kitchen, read the recent design news and view large images of every kitchen that helps to discover new designs for your own kitchen. The first thing you need to consider when planning to create a perfect kitchen is whether you crave to renovate your existent kitchen or start completely afresh? Now let's see how to build/transfigure your kitchen into a dreamy cooking space!!

Style & Layout

Firstly determine what style of kitchen you would like to have. Once you've decided on style, start off with master layout. The size and shape of the room is often restricted by plumbing and electrics, so pay attention towards space efficiency. Most kitchen companies develop a numerous range of kitchens to suit all tastes. They are listed below.

  • An open plan/kitchen diner
  • Galley kitchen
  • Central Island
  • U-shape.

Give importance to the main activities in the kitchen such as cooking, chopping, blending, serving and washing-up and get the kitchen accessories accordingly. Make sure that your kitchen has adequate space for all of these.

Follow the 'triangle rule' in your kitchen that makes your kitchen classy. This rule is being followed by most kitchen designers to ease the burden in the kitchen where sink, stove and fridge are kept in the three corners of a triangle.

If you have less space in your kitchen, consider open shelving, as overhead cupboards that are available in impressive designs. If you have planned to get storage cabinets, opt for glass-fronted ones.

Prefer some reflective materials like ceramic tiles or glass which bounces light around the room and inhibit a small kitchen from feeling pokey.

Good storage is very important in a kitchen. Consider these things too while designing your kitchen, is the oven placed properly? Are the teabags available near the kettle? Whether knives are kept out of reach of children's hands?

Choose open shelving that always looks great. Keep up the stylish aesthetic in your kitchen.

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