Evescafe | Tips to Create Stunning Kitchen

Evescafe | Tips to Create Stunning Kitchen

Since the couple spends time with each other in the kitchen, this area needs careful attention. Mirrors should be strictly avoided in the kitchen. The fire and water areas must not be adjacent including the fridge that should be placed in another space instead of kitchen. Cleaning items such as brooms, dusters and swabs should be kept away and certainly not staked behind the kitchen door.

The kitchen clock should be positioned in a manner in which the time is visible from the entrance and not when one is on the way out. The person cooking the meal should be able to see anyone entering the kitchen without turning around. Keeping a check on pipes and faucets regularly is important as according to Chinese philosophy of happy homes, leaking pipes can drain wealth and well being of family members.

Keep it Clean.

As most couples now have an independent nest, the need is to make the place as conductive to wellness as possible. The principle of bringing love, happiness and peace into home starts with the very first step literally for lifelong happiness.

The house must be airy to impart a feeling of openness. Positive energy gets obstructed if the space is filled with clutter, heavy objects, untidy placements and dusty interiors.

Tip to protect kitchen appliances from dust.

To protect your kitchen appliances from dust and grime try the glass roller and shutter. They are very easy to install and convenient to use. Their wide slats are connected by an innovative interlinking mechanism that helps them run smoothly and makes them durable.

Tip to keep home fragrant and moist.

In a pot of water add two drops of rose essential oil and place it near your room heater to keep the air in your home moist and fragrant.

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