Evescafe | Home Remedies for Aching Feet After High Heels or Stiletos - Bridal Series

Evescafe | Home Remedies for Aching Feet After High Heels or Stiletos - Bridal Series

This video contains tips and home Remedies for brides to heal aching feet after wedding due to high heels or stilettos. Watch it!!

Most of us prefer to wear Stilettos or high heels on our wedding day. High heels would cause sprains, foot aches, ankle injuries and other long term damage. Further, When you wear trendy stilettos or high heels for long hours together in any parties or in your wedding reception, it will definitely leave you with aching foot. If you wear high heels or stilettos improperly the problem could become severe. Bride would be wearing high heels on their wedding day because it makes the bride look taller and slimmer.

1) Wearing high-heeled shoes actually puts more pressure on the balls of your feet and affects other parts of your body such as neck, knees and hip.

2) To keep feet pain caused by high heeled shoes at bay, you do not have to keep yourselves away from wearing it. Instead fix your stilettos woes.

You can try the below mentioned Natural Home remedies to heal from aching foot.

Tip: Warm Water

Fill one bucket with cold water and another one with water as hot as you can cozily stand. Soak your feet in the water for around 20 to 30 mins. Add Epsom salt which contains natural minerals and provides an instant relief from the pain. You can also take hot water shower which helps ease tired muscles. The skin absorbs the natural minerals and helps the body to build and restore tissues. This remedy would helps to relax your tired feet muscles while keeping cracked and dehydrated heels at bay.

footNext Tip: Ice pack

Placing an ice pack on your feet for at least 10 minutes can effectively reduce the pain. Just dab an ice pack on your feet for at least 10 to 15 mins to cure from the pain and inflammation. You can also do a mild ice massage for about 5 mins.

Next Tip : Moisturize

As we know that the more the feet bear pressure, the more they are prone to develop cracks and roughness. This would leads to severe foot pain. So, it's necessary to moisturizing your feet at all times.


And also, if you wear poorly fitted shoes with your aching or dry feet, it can also cause calluses around your toes. This build up of dead skin can be very painful. So it's must to keep the skin moisturized with a top quality foot cream.

Next Tip: Use Arnica

Arnica is known as nature's aspirin, which is powerful in treating feet ache too. In this case, take it orally for pain relief and buy a good quality foot cream for a more direct effect.

arnicaNext Tip : Get a Spa Treatment or foot Massage

Take the medical excuse to pamper yourself and visit a professional spa that provides very best foot treatments. A skilled masseuse will know how to target deep muscles, getting to the very core of any remaining pain.

foot_massageTry these home remedies to get rid of aching feet naturally!!
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