Evescafe | Hand Care and Nail Care - Manicure at home

Evescafe | Hand Care and Nail Care - Manicure at home

This video gives you simple hand care tips for giving yourself a manicure at home using natural ingredients! These homemade tips would really help you to achieve a flawless manicure. Manicure at home is the perfect way to unwind your stress after your hectic days at work …Doing manicure in a natural way makes you feel good and your hands look more beautiful.

Start your manicure, just after removing the old nail paint from your nails. It’s always recommended to use a good quality nail paint remover. Trim and file your nails to a length of choice. Moisturize your hand and apply a base coat before applying a nail paint of your choice. These home remedies will surely give your hands the spa treated feel.

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