Evescafe | Hair Care Tips Before Diwali

Evescafe | Hair Care Tips Before Diwali

During Diwali, every woman wants to look their best. To look beautiful on this festival you have to pay attention towards maintaining your hair as part of your beauty care regime. Make sure that your hair is healthy and your tresses are well maintained. Oil treatment makes your hair more shiny and healthy.

We also try new hairstyles which can be achieved with naturally healthy and lustrous hair. To try new hairstyles you should have good hair texture. To achieve this, we have some cool and easy tips.

It is also a time a lot of smoke and pollution fill up the atmosphere. All this needs a lot of after care for both skin and hair, to avoid damaging them.

Oil treatment before this festival will definitely helps to increase blood circulation while clearing away the residues from the surface of the scalp. It also leaves silky and soft hair that you want to achieve on this auspicious day. Massage your scalp using natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil. Let the oil get absorbed in the scalp for 2 to 3 hours. Oil massages are helps to relive you from various pains.

A good hair massage using essential oil will calm the nerves and enliven the scalp. From ancient time oil treatment is being followed for its good effects on our health. It stimulates the circulation in your scalp and that is what helps you relax.

You need to have either a light oil treatment or a heavy treatment depending on your hair type. If you have dry type then it is recommended that you go in for a heavy treatment.

You could also try massaging your hair with warm oil, since warm oil helps absorb moisture better,"

Nourish your scalp

With lots of hair treatments and heat styling tools, your hair tends to lose its shine and luster. A good oil massage can nourish the scalp and help your hair grow healthier. You can use almond oil.

Getting it right

Oiling you hair is simple; just massage the oil into your scalp gently. Do not be harsh as rough application of oil may break your hair and cause split ends.

Many researchers have proven that leaving the oil on your scalp and hair overnight and rinsing it in the morning will surely improve hair growth and texture.

Other benefits of scalp massage
  • Deep relaxation
  • Relief from headache
  • Improved blood circulation in scalp
  • Better sleep.
  • Reduce feelings of stress
  • Stimulates blood flow through the scalp and increasing the probability of healthy hair.
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