Evescafe | Hair care regime for a gonna be bride

Evescafe | Hair care regime for a gonna be bride

It is very important for would be brides to start with hair care regime before the big-Day arrives. Flaunt your beautiful tresses just the way you want by including the following steps in your beauty care regime. The condition of our hair represents a lot more about our internal stability. So it's essential to take a balanced diet to nourish your hair and to look stunning on your D- day.

No matter whether you have oily or dry hair, you have to improve its condition before marriage. If you have dandruff, hair thinning or other hair related problems than you have to take proper treatment to control it. We have already discussed that your hair reflects a great deal on your personality. So, make sure you that you are taking the right and good treatment to get a healthy and gorgeous hair.

There are various reasons that can damage the tresses. Healthy hair turns into dull and dry hair due to environmental pollution, poor diet, stress and excessive usage of harsh chemical products. The other reasons could be poor blood circulation, unhealthy lifestyle and etc. Before taking a hair care treatment, a bride to be must know their hair and scalp type. It's advised to choose shampoos and conditioners and hair packs that suit their hair type. To get lustrous tresses you can also apply essential oils such as coconut or jojoba oil to your scalp and hair twice every week. Hot oil treatment is another great way to nourish your hair and to maintain a healthy scalp.

As a would-be bride, you have to add a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet to achieve a bouncy and gleaming hair within weeks. Also, eat dry fruits and nuts such as pista, almonds, dates and raisins in very small portions to keep your health fit and fine and thereby avoiding hair loss. It's also recommended to drink amla juice daily to promote hair health besides sipping more water and fresh juices.

Stop combing wet hair and always use a wide toothed comb while brushing your hair. Try to use sulphate free shampoos. Don't use styling tools curler, ironing tool, coloring products and other tools that make your hair go dull and dry.

If you want color your hair, use natural henna which makes your super silky and healthy. If you want you can add coffee or turmeric to achieve a color of your choice. If you wish to get shine for your hair, use egg based mask to treat your. Mix curd with egg white and add the juice of 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply this mask on hair and let it sit for an hour and rinse it off using a mild shampoo to get a brilliant shine. Also, brides can go for hot oil treatment at least thrice in a month. Hot oil treatment is a great way to improve your hair texture while hydrating it. Additionally, do a hair spa at home using natural ingredients that would really help to treat hair thinning and other hair related issues.

All the gonna be brides can include the above mentioned tips into their hair care routine to get beautiful and bouncy hair.

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