Evescafe | Tips to Make Your Home Sparkling Clean

Evescafe | Tips to Make Your Home Sparkling Clean

To prevent your furniture from termites, take a handful of powdered camphor and mix it with a cup of coconut oil. Wipe the nooks and crevices of your wooden furniture with this solution.

To give your bamboo or cane furniture an extra shine, clean it with salt water.

Dipping the nails into hot water before hammering them into the walls helps the wall plaster from cracking.

Save some of the saw dust in a jar when you get wood work done in your house. If you have to fill a hole or a crack, the sawdust mixed with some glue makes a good filter.

Before polishing, the application of cod liver oil on furniture for 24 hours will fades away the scratches on the furniture.

Apply a similar shaded or slightly darker shoe polish on the affected area and brush it well to remove stains on wood – polished furniture.

If the drawer of the cupboard gets stuck, rub candle wax along the edges to help it move smoothly.

By covering the upholstered chairs and sofas using old sheet squeezed out in hot water and throbbed well. The sheet will absorb the dust avoid the dust entering the sofas.

Cleaning the brass articles using a soft cloth dipped in Worcestershire sauce, helps to remove tarnish.

A candle stand fabricated from any type of material can be easily cleaned by placing it in the freezer for more than an hour. The wax will chip off easily.

Sprinkling the boric powder on the channels of jammed french windows enables you to slide open effortlessly.

Sprinkle your lampshade with baking soda and leave it on for 5 minutes. Then use a clean paint brush to brush oil residue and vacuum-clean it to remove the soda from the fabric. This helps to remove the smell of tobacco, smoke residue and other odors.

Rub tooth paste on marble to remove rings. Leave it to dry, then wash off.

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