Evescafe | Foods to be avoided for Varicose veins

Evescafe | Foods to be avoided for Varicose veins

Slight changes in our eating habits can lead to a healthy lifestyle and boost overall well being. The human body is all about being loved and respected and we can achieve that by choosing the perfect choices of foods. Initially, what may seem to be a mammoth effort will eventually become a part of your daily life. Consuming a wholesome diet absolutely helps to run a healthy lifestyle which we always desire for.

All processed foods rich in oil or salt-based should be eaten and other foods to be avoided are junk foods such as pizza, burger, soft drinks, etc.

Bread bases, peeled potatoes and starchy foods cause constipation while putting excessive pressure on leg veins. All condiments, salt, alcohol, coffee, fast foods, processed and refined foods, white flour & white sugar products, cottage cheese and ice cream can be constipating and might cause sluggish circulation, leg pain and cramps associated with varicose veins.

It is recommended to not eat red meat and fatty animal protein to inhibit worsening your symptoms. Eating freshly cooked food, vegetables along with fruits will improve good health.

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