Evescafe | Foods a Bride Should Avoid Before Wedding

Evescafe | Foods a Bride Should Avoid Before Wedding

Every bride wishes to look absolutely stunning and radiant on her wedding day. So, to achieve a beautiful look before wedding day, every bride needs to be very carefully about what you are eating. Brides should ward off certain foods which causes vomiting, upset stomach, bloating, or a gas problem. The more oily and unhealthy food you eat, the more it makes your skin dull and pale. Stop eating junk food which not only increase your weight gain but also reduce your appetite. It is also extremely important to exercise and avoid eating too much in the months before the wedding.

Skip Cruciferous Vegetablesvegetable

Even though cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels, cabbage and kale are rich in nutrition, it is hard to breakdown in your stomach due to the presence of cellulose and could contribute to gas. It’s best to avoid these vegetables and beans in the months leading up to your Big-day to evade an embarrassing moment.

Sodas and Carbonated Drinksdrinks

Fizzy drinks have a plenty of bad effects on our body, especially a gonna be bride should avoid consuming it because it introduce air in the stomach and causes bloating or severe pain. It's better to avoid even diet soda that contains sodium can cause abdominal pain. Quench your thirst with fresh juices, water and with a cup of green tea.

Starchy Foodsfood

Don't eat starchy foods including peas, corn, potatoes, pasta, breads, popcorn and etc. These foods are associated with bloating and gas, which causes stomach problems. To feel light and to look absolutely great on your D-day just stay away from all starchy foods and eat water-rich vegetables such as celery, cucumber, and asparagus that includes diuretic effects.


Caffeinated drink are widely preferred by most people to promote mental alertness but it has the following side effects nervousness, restlessness, stomach upset and etc if you exceed the daily limit. So stop consuming coffee, tea, and other caffeinated products to get rid of the above problems on your Wedding day. It also decreases the amount of water content in your body and can cause dehydration if you drink it often.

Spiced Foodsspicy

When you eat spicy food it improves the gastrointestinal effects and raises your body temperature. Apart from heating up your body and it can cause extra sweating and produce a burning sensation in your stomach. It can also cause bad breath which embarrasses you on your big day.

Milk and Dairy Productsmilk

If you are tempted to reach for junk foods like pizza or cheesy fries in the days preceding your wedding, just stay away from it. Because when you are preparing yourself for one of the biggest moments of your life, you must avoid eating fat and grease that can upset stomach. These foods are harder to digest than crabs. So limit the intake of lactose before your wedding.

If you are a would- be bride stop eating all the above foods to get a charming and great look on your Big-day!!

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