Evescafe | Feng shui the Kitchen

Evescafe | Feng shui the Kitchen

A kitchen determines the life energy of the house because it is the place where the food is prepared and food is wealth which in turn feeds the prosperity cycle. With the following guidelines, you can fengshui our kitchen better and thus improve the prosperity of your home.

The placement of stove in the kitchen should allow the cook to have the full view of the room. Just in case, the cook can't see what's going on behind or his view is blocked due to the wall in front, hang a mirror to rectify the problem.

Get the stove out of the corner.

Since the fire and water don't mix, placing the stove, sink and refrigerator diagonal to each other would be safe. In case such a placement cannot be achieved and they are adjacent to each other, place a green plant in between them.

Keep the stove away from the window. In case this placement stove and refrigerator is certain, place a reflective strip and a mirror panel over the window. This creates a doorway reflection and hang a wind peal too.

There should be no microwaves above the stove.

Widen up a narrow kitchen with mirrors, plants and chimes.

While constructing your dream home, pay utmost attention towards the kitchen that should not to be seen from the main door. This can lead to digestive disorders. However, if it can't be avoided, use beaded curtains or something eye catching that distracts the attention from the kitchen.

Make sure the burner and the stove are working properly.

Brighten your kitchen with fresh flowers and fruits.

Since 9 is a powerful fengshui number and orange is the color of prosperity, keep 9 oranges or mangoes or orange flowers in the kitchen.

Refrain from painting your kitchen red, black or green.

The kitchen and toilet should not be in a straight line or above or below each other.

Hanging knives and sharp objects cut through chi and thus should be kept well stacked.

The kitchen entrance should not be in line with the black door.

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