Evescafe | Face Packs you Must Add to your Bridal Care

Evescafe | Face Packs you Must Add to your Bridal Care
Face pack you must add to your bridal care:

To get a picture perfect skin on your wedding day make-up is just not enough but a good care of your skin is required. Every bride would like to get that flawless glowing skin on their special day. Here we have the 9 herbal face packs which can give you a bright and healthy skin before your wedding day. Each face pack is powerful in its own way and greatly helps in improving the skin elasticity, reducing fine lines while clearing away sun tan and freckles.

Turmeric Face Pack for instant fairness:
  • Turmeric
  • Honey
  • Lime Juice
  • Yogurt

Turmeric is a good herb and has skin brightening properties. From the ancient time most Indian women are using turmeric to get healthy and fair skin tone. To make this herbal face pack take 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder to a paste, add 1 tbsp of honey, 2 table spoon of lime and 2 table spoon of yogurt. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator for at least 10 to 15 minutes until it becomes a thick paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it to dry for about 30 minutes. Remove this paste by scrubbing your face in circular motions. Regular use of this herbal face pack helps to get fair skin. This ayurvedic face pack is perfect for bride's skin.

Tips : If you have dry skin then replace lemon with milk cream.Get Youthful Skin with Milk and Avocado Face pack:
  • Milk
  • Avocado

This is one of the excellent natural face packs that expertly fight the signs of premature ageing. Both avocado and milk have anti-ageing properties that reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face. This face pack is enriched with vitamin E and essential oils which help to scrub pores deeply and nourish the skin. It also preserves the natural moisture of the skin.

Neem Face Pack for removing blemishes:
  • Neem Leaves
  • Rose Water
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon Juice

Neem face packs are good for treating acne and blemishes. The miraculous herbal neem face pack surely helps to get spotless and glowing skin. Make a paste of fresh neem leaves and ¼ cup slices of cucumber and add 2 tbsp of rose water and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Apply this paste on your face and neck and let the pack sits for about 45 minutes. Rinse your face using cold water. Brides can use this pack to lighten acne scars and dark spots within weeks.

Watermelon and cucumber face pack:
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Sandalwood Powder
  • Cucumber

Watermelon and cucumber face pack is an ideal choice to get rid of summer zip zaps. Watermelon reduces the excess secretion of oil and also keeps the moisture level. The presence of various minerals and vitamins in cucumber helps to brightens and whitens the skin by fading freckles and pimples. It also helps to tightens pores. Sandalwood is well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It rejuvenates the skin and helps remove suntan. It boosts the blood circulation and makes the skin radiant.

Make this face pack by adding 1 spoon Sandalwood powder (chandan powder), 1 teaspoon watermelon juice and 1 teaspoon grated cucumber or cucumber juice.

Hibiscus and Rose Face Pack for natural radiance:
  • Hibiscus Flower
  • Rose Flower
  • Curd
  • Multani Mitti

This face pack is a good choice for getting super soft and supple skin with the touch of fresh flowers. Pick some hibiscus and rose flowers from the plant and wash it well. Remove the petals from both the flowers and then blend it well by adding some water. Add 1 tbsp of curd and 2 tbsp of fullers earth (multani mitti) with the Hibiscus and Rose paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. It is one of the refreshing bridal face packs that you should try before the wedding day.

This flower pack gives a natural radiance and freshness to your skin. For best results use this pack thrice a week.

Coriander Face Pack for skin elasticity:
  • Coriander Leaves
  • Milk
  • Multani Mitti

Have you ever made coriander leaves based face pack? If no, then you have to try this easy homemade face pack out before your wedding day. Grab some fresh coriander leaves; add 2 tbsp of milk and 1 tbsp of fuller's earth (multani mitti). Blend the ingredients well to make a smooth paste. Before applying this pack wipe your face with rose water. Apply a thick paste and leave it to dry for 30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.

This is one of the good herbal face packs for brides that increases skin elasticity and gives a healthy and glowing look. For best results use these pack thrice a week. This face pack is also greatly helps in reducing blemishes and acne.

Almond facial Mask:
  • Oats Powder
  • Almond Powder
  • Milk

Almonds are very good for the skin care. It contains vitamin E helps for the skin care. It also cleanses and evens out the face skin. Take the 1 teaspoon oats powder, 1 teaspoon almond powder, 1 tbsp of milk. Mix all these ingredients to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on to the face. Dry it for 20 minutes and wash with the cool water. Both are good skin toners with antioxidants. This face packs works well for the dry skin and is a good choice for the brides who have dry skin.

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