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Straight Line Concept

The straight line concept includes horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines, the way it's used depends on how you relate space and conceptualize it. The style steers away from opulence and moves towards sophistication and chic.

Cut the clutter

The straight line concept goes hand in hand with a clean look. Nostalgia is great but not if it means hoarding every plastic container or artifact you chance upon. While arranging your home, save what you want, give away what you don't need and throw away what cant be used. This thumb rule is your fist step towards achieving the straight-line look.

Color code

The straight line concept goes well with monochromatic color schemes, black and white color schemes that have black and white hues like gray. One can also opt for a duo-chrome color scheme using contrasting colors. Hot favorites are red and white and green and red. Even if one chooses complementary colors they should be limited to two.

Creating illusions

Vertical lines create a feeling of rigid formal space while horizontal lines have a more relaxed feel. Diagonal lines are dynamic as they signify movement. One needs to choose the lines based on the effect sought. Other illusions that these lines create include making a small passage look longer and larger by using mirrors. Lighter colors can make places seem to advance while deeper colors can make them appear to recede, so these are factors to be considered.

Choosing the right furniture

For a straight-line concept, choose furniture in rectangular or square forms and avoid those with circle or curves. The furniture must be minimalist in style yet comfortable and functional. Multi-purpose units like small tables that can be used as a seat are good ideas.

Designing focal points

Ina dining room, one should make the area with the dining table the focus. One can also create a focal point that highlights a strong point of the home like if you have a great view, create a large french window. A dual emphasis can also be created in a room with two focal points.

A focal point can be as simple as hanging up a large painting or mural and highlighting with a spotlight or using a small table to show case a sculpture or even a themed series. If you want go a step further, create a wall niche and place an artifact there and paint the backdrop in a vibrant color.

Avoid undue ornamentation

The straight-line concept calls for a release from undue ornamentation. Use a simple paintings or graphic prints to decorate walls , keep it simple. Photographs especially black and white prints go well with the decor. Aquariums add liveliness to the space and these can be incorporated. If columns are used, they should be kept to simple straight lines with no embellishment.

Spring a surprise

Paint the walls in pastel colors and pick it up with a contrasting element in the furniture or accessories. Use a single tone or few shades throughout the design and then throwing in a dramatic element like a bright red cushion or a colorful bunch of flowers. Vases in straight line forms can also enhance the look.

Gloss to bring in the glass

Matte is out and high gloss is coming in. The high gloss lacquer finish on furniture has a clean minimalist look, using it on a large and prominent piece of furniture can help one build an entire look or mood around it. This helps achieve the desired look without feeling overpowered.

A touch of chic

Luxurious materials like leather, raw silk and other natural fabrics like cotton, jute and linen make the perfect choice to added that dash of chic to a straight-line home. While choosing soft furnishings pick plains or those with graphic prints especially lively prints.

Other elements

Window dressing with Venetian blinds can stress the straight line idea. When it comes to handling lighting, judicious mix of natural light and artificial light is advocated. Energy saving lamps are in. sleek lights that are slim also complement straight-line interiors. The concealed lighting in the ceiling can also be done in rectangular or square forms that follow the straight line aesthetic. For the flooring, white marble is a popular choice but vitrified tiles work well too. If any patterns are to be done on the floor, they must stick to straight lines and avoid curves and waves.

Straight line design is futuristic and the perfect way to give your home a whole new dimension.

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