Evescafe | Bathroom Tips

Evescafe | Bathroom Tips

To prevent the bucket staining from hard water, full it with warm water, add 2 tablespoons of brown vinegar and leave overnight. Rinse it out well in the morning then your bucket will be as clean as new.

Remove rust marks from tubs and wash basins by rubbing a mixture of table salt and turpentine.

Wants to make your bathroom smell heavenly? then you have a perfect choice here!!!Fill the wash basin with hot water and a few drops of eau-de-cologne. Leave it for some hours, it will clean the basin.

To repair a cracked plastic bucket, heat a ball point pen refill and press it along the crack. The melted refill will fill the crack and seal the leakage.

To unclog a shower head, dip it in a bowl of vinegar for 4 hours. The acid will clear the holes. If the head is stuck to the pipe, pour vinegar into a thick plastic bag and secure it tightly around the shower head.

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