Evescafe | 9 Amazing Benefits Of Lotus

Evescafe | 9 Amazing Benefits Of Lotus

Most people have heard about the lovely flower lotus but most of them are less familiar about the surprising and interesting medicinal benefits that can be gained from it! This applies not only to the flower, but to all other parts of the plant.

Benefits of lotus:1. Treats Anemia during Heavy menstruation:

Regular intake of lotus root juice or soup greatly helps in blood building in women, who bleed more during menstruation. Sip the juice or soup for three days continuously after menstruation.

2. Stops Bleeding:

Consuming lotus root juice helps in treating severe bleeding in the nose, oesophagus, intestine linings, colon and rectum. Chinese medical experts have been using lotus root juice for curing internal bleeding.

3. Inhibits HIV & AIDS:

The leaves of the lotus plant contain a plenty of flavanoids and alkaloid that acts an anti-HIV and defends the virus from spreading.

4. Treats Constipation & Diarrhea:

The juice of lotus root is soothing for the stomach and helps to heal constipation or to stop a diarrhea. Lotus root is rich in water and electrolytic minerals that maintains fluid balance in our body. This helps to cure both diarrhea and severe dysentery.

5. Treats Diabetes:

Consuming lotus rhizome extract normalize the blood sugar subjected with glucose-induced diabetes. This extract can be used as a part of diabetes treatment. Lotus roots have high amounts of dietary fibers that have the tendency to abate digesting carbohydrates in the body which leads to less absorption of sugar in the body. Many researchers have shown that lotus root is anti-diabetic in nature and helps to treat diabetes.

6. Weight Loss:

One of the best natural treatments for obesity is lotus leaves. Consuming the juice of lotus leaves prevents the absorption of lipids and carbohydrates and stimulates lipid metabolism. Thus, lotus leaves help you to treat obesity naturally!

7. Liver and Kidney diseases:

The presence of active and powerful antioxidants in the lotus seeds decreases the CC14 damaging effects on the liver and kidneys. The extract of lotus root cures liver cirrhosis.

8. Nervous control:

Vitamin B6 in the lotus root functions as co-enzyme in the neuro-chemical synthesis in the brain and regulates your stress levels. The adequate amount of pyridoxine regulates the nervous petulance and relieves you from stress and headache.

9. Sinusitis:

Sipping the lotus rhizome juice on a regular basis helps to relieve from sinusitis. It has the ability to dissolve mucus accumulation, thereby treats sinusitis.

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