Evescafe | 10 resolutions to Control Blood Pressure

Evescafe | 10 resolutions to Control Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure causes various dreadful diseases like coronary heart disease, kidney disease and stroke. The optimal blood pressure is considered to be 120/80 mm of mercury but it varies to a greater extent, depending on the age of the person and associated diseases such as diabetes or kidney disease.

1. Stop Smoking

Evade smoking. The nicotine in tobacco will make the arteries weaker and raise blood pressure. Never restart smoking because passive smoking will harm everybody.

2. Reduce the amount of salt intake

Since the sodium in salt causes high blood pressure, eat not more than 1 teaspoonful of salt that is mixed in different foods through the day.

3. Reduce the amount of junk food

Don't eat fast food or processed food that are rich in saturated fat and cholesterol. It leads to deposition of fat in the arteries, making them narrow and causes high blood pressure. Instead of consuming junk food, its good to have two servings of vegetables, salad and fresh fruits every day.

4. Exercise Every DayFind time to do some exercise for 30 minutes every day. This helps a lot to reduce your weight.5. Drink in ModerationDrink moderately that helps you to keep your Body Alcohol Concentration (BAC) below 0.055.6. Find Time to relax

In this busy schedule spend time with your friends and family arrange for a trip or picnic to relax yourself in the most convenient way.

7. Check Family's Medical Records

Since it spreads from the family history check whether any member in the family has acquired diseases that includes high blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney diseases and stroke and take precautions how to prevent these diseases.

8. Go for a through Health Check UpAt least once in a year go for a normal check up with the family doctor.9. Report to the Doctor

If you have any symptoms like persistent headache, vertigo and unexplained irritation, blood pressure should be checked compulsory and take medicine regularly without fail.

10. Spread awareness about prevention

Create awareness about blood pressure by conducting health care programs. Explain and motivate underprivileged people about blood pressure so that they can get precaution about these diseases.


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