Skin Brightening & Hydrating Face Pack

New Skin Brightening & Hydrating Face Pack

Skin Brightening & Hydrating Face Pack

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It contains a powerful organic skin brightening ingredients like sandalwood, licorice & rose petals which promotes a healthy skin. Pure extracts of sandalwood hydrate your skin and heal various skin problems and give you an even and bright complexion. The subtle combination of pure licorice & rose extracts provide natural nutrition to the skin and leaves the skin soft and silky. It cleanses, hydrates and brightens the complexion by reinvigorating the skin. It also pampers and nourish the skin from within.


  • Hydrates &illuminates the skin
  • Brightens the skin complexion
  • Gives fair & radiant skin
  • Leaves the skin glowing & Gorgeous

How to Use

  • Mix it with honey or milk
  • Apply it on cleansed face & wash it after 15 mins
  • For best results, use twice a week


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Thursday 16 March 2017 17.56

I have used it once! But i can say it's amazing! My skin suddenly felt bright and glory! Really nice natural pack.Thanks Shipping to London….. Must try!

    Wednesday 15 March 2017 04.46
    Five Stars

    It's worth every penny...

      Monday 30 January 2017 10.16
      Thanks Sheerin.

      I am very happy with this purchase …

        Tuesday 3 January 2017 01.18

        I have used it for several months. I'm 65 almost 66 next month and I get compliments on my face.How smooth and glowing it looks all the time, even stopping me in evescafe and telling me how good my makeup looks.

          Saturday 31 December 2016 02.40
          Very good pack for bright face!!

          I use this pack with milk, really very good natural product! Now i get brighten skin.thanks

            Tuesday 27 December 2016 06.18
            five star

            I have shown your product details and benefits.This face pack really worked great. And also it is easy to use. Really very nice Natural product.

              Thursday 1 December 2016 11.23
              Fantastic Skin Pack!!

              My skin is hypersensitive, So fear for applying any product. but really this product save my skin beauty, smell also good. No side effects with expected result…Thank you so much.

                Saturday 12 November 2016 02.07
                worked great

                This is hands down THE best moisturizer i have ever tried and trust me i have used a lot of moisturizers ovwr the years. This will be my one and only lotion from now on!! Buy it without any fear!!it is suitable for all skin types.

                  Wednesday 21 September 2016 02.07
                  recommended for dry skin

                  Spreads very large areas with very less amount of lotion(approx size of a peanut covers half of the leg). Very light and non greasy. Keeps your skin moistirised and i also found that my looks fresh and glowing the next day of my application. So definetly recommended for dry skin.

                    Wednesday 18 May 2016 02.02
                    he body butter quality is amazing much better than lot of brands

                    First time buyer of body-herbals and I am truly impressed! The body butter quality is amazing much better than lot of brands I have tried. Fragrance is very good! Lasts for a long time! Moisturizing and non sticky! Must buy

                      Tuesday 29 March 2016 09.11
                      Love from New York!

                      I using this product really gives fair & radiant skin to me.

                        Wednesday 10 February 2016 02.04
                        my confident level is increasing

                        I've tried a lot in the past and so I almost couldn't believe it when this worked so well. My whole office noticed.

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                          Skin Brightening & Hydrating Face Pack

                          Skin Brightening & Hydrating Face Pack

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