Herbal Face Wash Powder

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Herbal Face Wash Powder

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Herbal Face Wash Powder, Ayurvedic Face Wash Powder, Herbal Face Wash Powder Online

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This  Ayurvedic Face Wash Powder is a benign & rejuvenating blend of selective herbs & plant extracts combined with utmost care & precision. Made according to ancient ayurvedic formulations & recipes, this purely herbal face wash powder imparts a spotless, bright & younger looking skin. It contains an enlivening green gram powder base melded with reasonable portions of 29 essential ingredients.

Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory & anti-ageing properties which enrich your skin from within & wipes off blemishes. Majufal is a powerful astringent which cleanses unwanted oil-build-up preventing acne & pimples. An efficacious blend of white turmeric & Wild Turmeric wards off traces of facial hair & pigmentation rendering a smooth & radiant complexion. Fresh extracts of roses, basil, dried orange peels & champak flower buds radiate cooling & energizing effects.

How to Use:

●        Add one portion of gram flour for 2 portions of herbal face wash powder

●        Mix it with Rose water/Honey/Milk

●        Apply it on cleansed face & wash it after 20 mins



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Herbal Face Wash Powder

Herbal Face Wash Powder

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