Facial Hair Removal Pack

Facial Hair Removal Pack

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 Make use of this homemade Natural Facial Hair Removal Pack to get rid of unwanted facial hair. This hair removal pack is concentrated with organic ingredients like Turmeric, Nettle Leaves, and korai Kilangu, which completely takes away the unwanted hair from the face. It also makes the face shine and spotless glow in minutes. Besides, this Facial Hair Remover Pack is 100% organic, that induces lustrous skin and curbs the hair growth to a greater extent. Enjoy the brightened skin tone with the natural way of bleaching your facial hair.


  • 100% natural
  • Removes unwanted facial hair with ease
  • Provides a brighter skin tone
  • Gives a glowing skin

 How to Use

  • Soak the mixture with water for 30mins
  • Before applying the pack slightly scrub the area with salt where you need to remove hair
  • After salt scrub apply the pack over the area
  • Once pack gets dry,dab it with water ,scrub and wash it off


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Hair removel

I have thick hair under my chin will it ll be helpful for me?

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.
Very useful

I think it is suitable for all skin type. And also it didn't hurt my skin.

    Thumbs up

    Hello evescafe, a few months ago I purchased your facial hair removal pack. I can get the better results for continuous usage.

      Hi friends

      It is the best herbal facial hair removal product. No, any side effects.

        No irritation

        100% natural product. No irritation and also my skin looks so soft.

          great item for hair removal

          I was suffered facial hair. After using this really I got effective results.

          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
          Good result

          This pack recommended by one of my friends. I am satisfied with the results

            100% organic

            shipment on schedule. Happy for purchasing.

              Five star

              I have recommended this product to all of my friends!!

                It worked flawlessly

                It did it without irritating my skin at all. The skins feel soft and great!

                  Good Option

                  I'd give it five stars. This product worked well.


                    the perfect remedy for facial hair.


                      Wow.. Really I love this product. A painless way to get rid of extra hair.

                        Happy with your product

                        Best and natural hair removal pack. Team, you have done a great job.


                          NO HARMFUL CHEMICAL. SAFE TO USE


                            Removes hair from the root. suitable for skin.

                              Painless remover.

                              Nice. Easy to remove facial hair.Thank you!


                                Excellent product for the women who have lots of facial hair.

                                  Good Stuff!!!!

                                  Really does what it claims.. Very convenient to use it. Thanks ...

                                    Awesome Product...

                                    Am happy..Worth the amount.

                                      I love this product

                                      I love this product! So easy to use and very very effective in removing facial hair, I highly recommend this product!


                                        I decided to try these for my upper lip.I was so impressed!These have a totally different consistency than the other product!!I think it’s so Naturally.Thanks!

                                          Five Stars

                                          I can definitely recommend it, however, for use on the small hairs on the face for someone with sensitive skin. It is very easy to use with very little mess.

                                          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                                          I recommended!!

                                          I have very sensitive skin, and I have tried many hair removal packs for the face, but always end up a burnt, bloody mess.I ordered a few different brands to try out with evescafe for the face and just tried this one tonight. It works really well.Thanks,

                                            great product!!

                                            this is a very nice product. i have been using evescafe face pack for so long, the product is great!!

                                              THANX EVESCAFE!

                                              I bought this for my daughter and she loves it.She has a hair in the face.She says she uses it every day before bedtime. It is never harsh on her skin and leaves her feeling clean and fresh.Now she is looking very beauty.Thanx!!

                                                Give it a try and it works

                                                It works very well but does not pluck the hair from the roots.It leaves your skin with the small tiny hairs but still instead for spending money in salon, go for this product.It is little bit painful not more than of threading.

                                                  Good facial hair remover for upper lips

                                                  Good facial hair remover for upper lips, chin, cheeks
                                                  I haven't quite figured it out if it can be used on forehead. One needs to be careful lest you pull out something from your eyebrow
                                                  Require multiple passes, especially for hair growing in different directions
                                                  Just need to keep the skin stretched in order to reduce pain and easier hair removal

                                                    Useful product

                                                    absolutely love this product.....

                                                      Great stuff.

                                                      Life saver!!!!!Never seen like this product. loved it

                                                        It's very useful

                                                        I was scared to wax my face too. But this product is too easy to remove hairs. Thank u so much evescafe!

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                                                          Facial Hair Removal Pack

                                                          Facial Hair Removal Pack

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