Grey Hair Darkening Hair Pack

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Grey Hair Darkening Hair Pack

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Rejuvenating & Rich blend of herbs and natural nutrients helps to stop hair from greying further. The natural extracts of Bhringaraj, Brahmi, Beal, and Amla in this pack is loaded with antioxidants, which prevents the premature aging of scalp tissues and darkens the hair color. The goodness of herbal extracts will not only reverses grey hair, but also prevents premature greying naturally. These herbal elements penetrates the hair shafts and makes the hair texture smoother and soft.


  • Reverse Premature Greying & Greying Hair
  • Stops Greying Of Hair
  • Darkens White Hair
  • Prevents Greying
  • Improves hair Growth
  • Improves the Hair Texture

How to Use:

  • Take ¼ cup of this Grey Hair Reversing Hair Pack and mix it with water (Quantity is based on your hair length).
  • Apply the paste generously to your scalp and hair.
  • Gently massage your scalp in a circular motion for 5 mins.
  • Leave it for at least 1 to 2 hours and then rinse your hair in the running water. Don't use shampoo for rinsing.


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dont miss it

Real treatment for hair.i suggest everyone to try this product.dont miss it

    very good

    I have been using this product for past 4 months.really it is working well.i recommend everyone to use this product

      Fully Herbal

      No side effects!! makes the hair so soft...

        Try it

        Prevents the premature aging

          Thank you

          I was very disturbed because of my white hair. Finally, I found the best solution. Really very nice. Thank you very much.


            everything in the perfect portion. I love this pack so much.

              Permanent solution

              A permanent solution for grey hair with the blend of herbs and natural ingredients.


                Is a real treatment of grey hair.

                  Thank you

                  I received the product. Thanks for your fast delivery. Let you know the product result.

                    herbal pack

                    the herbal hair pack helps to stop premature grey hair.

                      Absolutely worked

                      The product is great. It also helps to hair regrowth.

                        WONDERFUL ITEM


                          No chemicals

                          I have bought this for my brother. Its looking natural no chemicals.

                            Easy to use

                            Nice Darkening Hair Pack it is totally worth the price and the very convenient way to use.

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                            The ultimate solution to get rid of grey hair


                              helps to retard the process of prematurely graying.

                                Five star*****

                                Hair pack works just fine for me! No gray hair growing in!

                                  It's really useful grey hair pack.

                                  It's really useful hair pack's stops 90% grey hair with in five months. must try it. Very happy,,,,…

                                    I use this product since one month..

                                    I use this product since one month.. it’s just amazing in stoping & reversing grey hair. U just buy n see how it works


                                      This is by far the best hair oil I've ever used. I have been using this since like four to five months and I'm really impressed….


                                        My wife is a regular user of this product because she is satisfied with it..

                                          Definitely Worth Buying

                                          It really works.. Should be used with dedication for at least 4-6 months but that is to be expected

                                            Five Stars

                                            I love the product, will definitely reorder,.

                                              Easy for use!

                                              One more thing product is not greasy so its easy to apply and no need to worry about staining the pillow like other products do!!

                                                Excellent Quality!!!

                                                Love this product! Makes my hair so bouncy.Not very greasy.Will be purchasing another pack soon..

                                                  Great! Great!

                                                  Great product it softens my hair and makes it grow with the regular use of the product..

                                                    and always get great service"

                                                    5 Stars - "Love this product, and always get great service"

                                                      Likes this Product..!

                                                      Yes, I’m enjoying my product. I love the way the oil and cream feel on my scalp. I am getting used to the smell just as long it makes my hair grow.I don’t care what odor it has. Just as long my hair grows. I like this product.

                                                        Happy to highly recommend this product works well....go ahead an

                                                        Happy to highly recommend this product works well....go ahead and buy..

                                                          amazing product

                                                          Helped alot & loved it..

                                                            Good product

                                                            Quality and Quantity satisfied & product also good

                                                              worked great

                                                              Nyc product,Loved it . and reasonable cost

                                                                VERRY GOOD... THANKS SERIN!

                                                                After use this improves my hair Growth

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                                                                  Grey Hair Darkening Hair Pack

                                                                  Grey Hair Darkening Hair Pack

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