Evescafe | Rome (Italy)

Evescafe | Rome (Italy)
Rome's History and Your Pizza Crisp

Discover the greatness of Rome : Do visit The City of Water, an interesting archaeological area in the hear of the city. The greatness of the Rome is the ancient Rome, religious world centre of Catholic Church, the Roman Empire, and new, bustling Rome. If Italy is home to gourmet pizzas and pastas, Rome is its heart. Besides its religious and architectural marvels, It is the place for authentic stone grilled pizzas. Walk down the pizza Navona and admire the marvelous fountains carved by Bernini while sitting in one of the numerous quaint pizzerias dotting the square. Try the classic, wafer thin, crispy Roman pizza and the hand cut prosciutto with focaccia at the Da Bafetto Pizzeria. However, if you want the real thing, but easy on the pocket, head over the St Angelo bridge to panattoni that serves crisp pizzas made in wood burning ovens.

Rome is one of the beautiful and serene places to be visited. In fact, in Rome it's hard to walk a block without encountering pizza in one form or another. There is also the pasta museum (Museo Nazionale delle Paste Alimentari) at Piazza Scanderberg. The museum comprises of various information about the pasta, its history, nutritional values and consumption. And, don't leave Rome without getting your hands on some unusually shaped (and eotic flavoured) pasta from a lively, no frills pasticceria.

Don't Miss: Eating at a restaurant with aforno a legna (wood-burning oven)- a must for a good thin crust plate size pizza.

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