Evescafe | Kerala: The Best and united colors of god

Evescafe | Kerala: The Best and united colors of god

Monsoons bring the best out of Kerala which is the perfect tourist destination across South India. This magical place is networked by 44 rivers and tapered between the amazing Arabian sea on the west and the beautiful western ghats on the east. The serene, aesthetically pleasing and pristine place has stunning geographical features and rewarded as India's cleanest state.

Tranquil forest, lovely beaches, comely stretches of emerald backwaters, hill stations, bird-watching outlandish wildlife, lush paddy fields, historic and cultural monuments and succulent cuisine in Kerala will leave you with a wonderful experience and unforgettable memories.

Visual Feast

The green hills, the well known Western Ghats with natural springs, coastal plains, waterfalls, aromatherapy massages and etc make Kerala one of the most unique tourist destinations. The vast expanses of vegetarian includes plantations of tea, coffee, coconut, banana, pepper, rubber and verdant paddy fields, gives us a visual treat. Visit Kerala where you will have a greatly relaxing experience.

Idyllic Mountains

Located in Kochi, widely known as the land of the cloud-capped hills, by housing this resort as backdrop. Its beauty lies in hospitality and ambience where the guest succumbs happily to a regimen of discipline that brings a fresh found zing to jaded nerves.

Take the Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy, which is the most effective towards relieving any pain from your body and mind. During monsoons, the pores of our body opens widely and makes it amenable to massages. Incorporated by the huge array of aromatic oils and vapors, Idyllic's massage therapist provides massage during the monsoons which cures a myriad of ailments.

Murmur of the rains

With the rich wood-and-coir boat sails sluggishly in the gently lapping water, soothing rain and the overhanging clouds, you will be mesmerizes in Kerala. It is an experience few can really not be awed by. Watching the weather gods change the lake from gold to a darkish hue till it blends into velvet black is a nostalgically magical sight.

Food is a welcome break. Mealtime in Kerala is rice with seafood, coconut-based stews, a plenty of spices and a spectacular variety of dishes with banana as the main ingredient.

Cochin Fact fileHow to reach CochinCochin is bridged by air, rail, road and waterways to all main cities in and around Kerala.ClimateSummer from April to May; Monsoon from June to July; Mild winter from October to March.What to wearCool cotton clothes, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion.Food

The standard restaurants serves a succulent range of cuisines including Continental, Chinese and Indian. But when in Cochin just stick to the delicious Kerala fare.

Places to see

The Queen of Arabian Sea,the famed Chinese fishing nets, monuments, beaches, churches, museum, synagogues and ancient forts.

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