Evescafe | How to eat Fat

Evescafe | How to eat Fat

For a slim, toned body, healthful heart, smooth skin and glossy hair, make fat a part of every meal or three main meals. All fats are made up of many numbers of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon assorted in various orders. It's just enough to consume food cooked in oil. Include dry fruits, dairy products like cheese, butter, ghee, etc.

Eating healthy fats in healthy amounts will actually ensure proper functioning of the body and optimum fat burning. Fats, when consumed along with carbs and protein, work at decreasing the glycemic index of food. It also helps to regulate the blood sugar level by slowly releasing sugar in the blood. As a result, it burns unwanted fat, stabilizes blood sugar, reduces hunger, boosts good mood and a glowing complexion.

Use oil as a cooking medium for vegetables and dhal, as most Indians do; don't try to cut it out. Preferably various kinds of oil. Cook lunch in peanut oil and try soy or safflower oil for dinner for optimum health. Including fat in our diet greatly reduce mood swings and depression.

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