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Evescafe | Hong Kong

Ask the geek from your office where he got his laptop and pat, comes the answer, HK. Ask the neighborhood hot-tie where she gets her stuff from and she will tell you, oh-so casually, that the boots are from last week's trip to HK!! That's Hong Kong very one's favorite shopping destination.

The city has numerous Prada outlets per capital in the world. Be it a gold stilettos, an e-book reader , calorie counter, handbags or trolleys everything in HK can be made to order. The Hong Kong shopping festival starts up in June and ends in July that offers a wonderful shopping experience and great deal as well. Don't miss the pyrotechnics and the laser display along the harbor. Can't wait until next year? Shop anyway.

Look for Chinese antiques, carvings, vases, jade jewelry and other brick-a-brace on Cat Street (also called upper lascar road), just off Hollywood Road (also known as antique street). Or, visit top department stores such as Harvey Nichols at Landmark, Shopping Mall on Queens Road. Ride the famous Hong Kong escalator, a gliding sidewalk-the longest one of its kind, that connects the Mid-levels (residential) to the central (business) district.

Look for signs and you will find shopping hotpots easily. What to buy If it's Hong Kong, it's going to be international designer wear and custom-made clothing. Various Chinese products that includes porcelain, exotic teas, contemporary art, toys, stilettos, watches, accessories, gold jewelry and leather products are also equally interesting. At ladies markets and temple street night markets, you can pick up souvenirs and local curios.

Purse strings Between Rs 15000 to Rs 40000 is a decent enough budget to start with.How to get there

Cathay pacific flies the maximum Delhi-HK flights, and jet airways is soon going to launch themselves on the same route. Air India and jet airways from Mumbai often offer the best rates. Where to stay The peninsula Hong Kong in Kowloon is the best in super luxury, complete with the elegance of the 1920's and, of course, their feet of Rolls Royce transports.

All this is for approximately Rs 22000 per person, per night for starters Contact: 01703 8360692 or visit: www.thepeninsula.com. Go to the inexpensive extreme and try a variety of hostels. The Maple Leaf Guest House with all its amenities and excellent location is available for Rs 900 per person, per day for private rooms.

Visit: www.hostelworld.com.
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