Evescafe | Healing Power of Acupressure Therapy

Evescafe | Healing Power of Acupressure Therapy

Is your headache bringing out the worst in you? Wait before you reach for those pills, there is a recommendation for you Acupressure! For many years now, alternate therapy has been just as popular as the main stream or regular method of treatment. Acupressure therapy may be picking up gradually but it definitely is as effective as any other treatment. This ancient Chinese technique, just like acupuncture, heals the body using the body's own electromagnetism.

Safe and Sound Therapy:

Acupressure is a technique of applying pressure to the acupoints that not only releases tension in muscle fibres but also vitalizes deep sensory nerves in the body. This method is known to be safe, effective gradually, if not immediately. In addition, most definitely it is inexpensive. With the support of certified practitioners, take acupressure therapy that promotes body's healing response while restoring its natural balance. One can find innumerable books and other self-help guides.

The healing touch prevents as well as cure mental and physical ailments such as depression, morning sickness, migraine, heart problems and others. Depending on the pain, various degrees of pressure are used such as pressure by thumb, rubbing, stretching, kneading etc.


When a point is pressed on, the patient feels a certain amount of pain. This can be slight or severe depending on the seriousness of the illness. Pressing downwards on this particular point on the hand or foot accelerates blood circulation to the related organ. Here, it is important to remember to apply pressure using the arm through the thumb or you'll have a sore thumb. You may also experience soreness on the area you've been pressing hand. Hence, you may discontinue giving pressure and resume after the soreness has reduced a little.

Although getting pressure from another feels better as you do not feel tried. But with a little practice and patience, acupressure can be performed by the patient himself. Since the only tools needed for this treatment are the person's two hands, this can be done anywhere, anytime and at no cost!

Benefits of Acupressure
  • Causes a chemical release of endorphins and other substances.
  • The release of these substances in the body, relives the pain, assist healing, etc.
  • Promotes full body wellness.

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