Evescafe | Foot Care Regime for a Bride

Evescafe | Foot Care Regime for a Bride

Every bride-to- be will have dreams of shinning like a star, beaming everyone with her stunning look on her big day. To achieve a great look, it's must to detox your body both internally and externally. When it comes to beauty treatment, we often tend to neglect our feet. We all know our nails represent the signs of inner health however we don't give much importance to maintain them. It is important to take care of the feet and nails as a part of beauty care, especially the brides to be should take personal care to look gorgeous.

Start a foot care regimen two months before your wedding to keep your feet appealing and healthy. Since our feet bare our weight it definitely deserves more attention than they actually requires. Also, foot care treatment is necessary for most women who suffer from cracked feet and fissures due to various factors. A pampering foot massage would really increase blood circulation and gives complete relaxation that you need prior to your wedding. Further, the pedicure treatment gives soothing and refreshing feeling that accompanies good foot care. It also helps to get rid of dry and rough feet while rejuvenating the body. Check on your weight with a healthful diet, yoga and exercises for overall glow. Learn to do pedicure with the following steps;

Method:Step 1:soak_feet

Soak Your Feet: The proper way to exfoliate you feet can be achieved by removing the hard skin by soaking your feet in warm water. Take a bucket with hot water and add Epsom salt and lemon juice with it. You can also add 4 to 5 drops of lavender essential oil with hot water for good results. Soak your feet for at least 15 minutes. Now you have to use a pumice stone to clear away the dead foot skin. This will not only clears away the residues of the feet but also softens it.

Step 2:foot_massage

Remove Dead Skin: After removing the dead skin cells, gently massage the heel in a circular motion to take out any flaky residues left in the ankle. As our feet carry the weight of your entire body it needs to be taken care on a regular basis to stay away from calluses, fissures and other foot related problems. So remove the build ups of your feet on a daily basis using pumice stone to avoid the above conditions.

Step 3:feet_towel

Towel your Feet: Take a clean towel and wipe your feet. Let your feet to dry for five minutes feet, especially between your toes. Once your feet are dry trim the nails of your toes and shape it according to your choice using an emery board.

Step 4:foot

Moisturizing: Massage your feet with good foot cream and hydrate it. Apply coconut or any natural oil before going to bed every day to maintain the moisture level of your feet. Don't forget to take out the excess moisturizer from your nails as you are going to apply nail polish.

Step 5:

Apply Nail Polish: For your convenience, use cotton wool tufts which helps to keep your toes. Apply a base coat of nail polish. It's always good to use nice quality nail polish that does not cause any side effects. If required, you can apply another coat of nail polish for perfect finishing. Put your feet in water for 5 minutes for quick dry after applying nail polish. Wait for ½ an hour before wearing your shoes.

nail_polishStep 6:foot_clean

Remove Stains: The stains of nail polish can easily be removed using lemon juice which acts faster.

If your nails are brittle, unhealthy or prone to splitting, take gelatin dissolved in warm milk for a week. This would really help to get healthy nails within days. This treatment is very simple to follow and helps to get beautiful feet within weeks.

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