Evescafe | Iron Rich Fruits that Boost Iron

Evescafe | Iron Rich Fruits that Boost Iron

Eating Iron rich fruits are the best way to beat "Iron deficiency". Besides, consuming iron rich foods, you must take fruits rich in iron... People who have iron deficiency would prefer only foods rich in iron and they ignore fruits rich in iron...

If you have a lack of iron in your daily diet, it can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Make sure that you consume a diet adequate in iron.. Iron has many important roles in our body.. Iron deficiency causes severe fatigue, body weakness and various other health ailments..So, it's important to have iron rich fruits to promote good health!!

1. Raisins:

Raisins contains high amount of iron. Take hand full of raisins and add to cereals (yogurt or oatmeal or salads). You can also add hand full of raisins with fruits that has vitamin c for additional benefits.

pure_raisins2. Prunes:

Great ingredient to treat iron deficiency! Eat 1 cup of prunes every day because it contains about 4.5 mg of -iron.

pure_prunes3. Watermelon:

Watermelon is an amazing fruit that contains iron without being dried...It is also rich in vitamin C that helps the body to observe iron from your food!

pure_water_melon4. Strawberry:

Rich source of iron and vitamin C which helps your body to observe more of iron it needs. Include 1 cup of strawberry in your diet.. It gives 1.5 mg of iron. You can also include dried apricot, almonds, and fig to keep the iron content in your body.

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