Evescafe | Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Evescafe | Ayurvedic Hair Oil
  • Juice of henna leaves 200 ml
  • Juice of karisalankanni leaves (false daisy or swamp daisy) 200 ml
  • Juice of adukku chembaruthi ( hibiscus flower and buds) 200 ml
  • Juice of kariveppilai (curry leaves) 200 ml
  • coconut oil 800 ml
How to prepare

Add all the juices to 800 ml of coconut oil and heat the combination. Consumption of 1 teaspoon of narasimha rasayanam twice a day also helps.

Natural substances like shikakai (soap nut) powder too should be used in moderation to prevent drying up of scalp and skin. To help retain the oil, rice porridge water (conjee) can be added to make a consistent paste before application.

Neelibringadhi oil, triphaladhi oil, kayyunyathi oil are all excellent preparations for the scalp. Apply a thin layer of any one of these oils after bathing. Grind together equal quantities of henna leaves, linseed, athimathuram (Indian liquorice) and nellimulli (small caltrops) to make a fine paste.

Apply this paste on the scalp 10 to 15 minutes before a bath. Similarly karisalnkanni leaves, nellimulli and athimathuram can be used in the same manner.

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