Evescafe | Top 6 Benefits of Using Natural Beauty Products

Evescafe | Top 6 Benefits of Using Natural Beauty Products

As the world is transposing to a much-progressed state, we- people in it are becoming more and more aware of ourselves and things that happen around us. Especially when being the best is everyone’s goal, every aspect of one’s life must be tuned accordingly. The physical appearance now has a proven influence on the output we obtain from a particular situation or an encounter. However, the cosmetics market has exploited this opportunity very well so far; for so long we were loyal customers to these artificial cosmetics business. In this age of information, if you still choose to ignore the noxious effects of these chemically formulated beauty enhancers, who is going to benefit from the genuine, herbal remedies nature has offered us. 

"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous"

When compared to natural products, artificial cosmetics are more expensive, and in actual, we are paying more to buy products that have adverse effects on our body. Some of the very common concerns in regards to using chemically-made beauty products involve,

● Chemicals included in many cosmetics will cause allergy to certain skin types
● Once your skin gets used to make-up being constantly applied onto it, you would have no other option but to continue
● Skin problems such as acne and pimples
● Paraben included in many products are supposed to inhibit bacteria, but actually, this chemical can trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body
● Premature ageing is a common concern among those who use such products frequently

Why Switch to Natural Personal Care?

Natural beauty products are the result of ages of research and knowledge. And like it is said, there is a plant for every human need. Here we list out the benefits of adopting a nature-inspired beauty routine instead of its artificial replacements.

Natural Beauty Products are Earth-friendly

Opting natural personal care products is an amazing decision, for it’s not merely beneficial to the skin or hair, but to the mother earth as well. But, how does it supports nurturing the planet? Well, take any natural beauty brand for an instance, the active ingredients involved in their products should be cultivated in a farm. Mostly, every brand formulates products on their own property, where they plant, nurture, and harvest the ingredients that go into their products. Thus the demand will improve as more people started opting natural products.

Contains no additives

The fact that today we are facing a major crisis- everything from food, water and even beauty products we use are constantly being polluted by chemicals, is the consequence of our own choices. When it comes to conventional cosmetics, a wide range of chemical ingredients are added to give the consumers an instant result. However, parabens and several other artificial ingredients can cause serious conditions like severe allergic reactions, acne, pimples and more.

Pure natural products made of essential oils and herbal extracts lack these harmful ingredients and so can be used in a regular manner without having any side effects. Irritations, even serious conditions like infertility can be avoided if only you take a conscious decision to go back to what nature offers you.

Ideal for any skin types

As said before, in the absence of any harmful impacts on your skin or hair, natural products are compatible with all skin types. Doesn’t matter whether you are fair or dark, there are natural cosmetics like foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, in fact, everything you need for personal care is available. Women with oily or sensitive skin can use these natural products without being concerned about worsening their existing skin condition.

Not tested on any animals

Almost every chemically formulates beauty product is tested on some animal. It’s the standard that you cannot take chances when it comes to humans, any product which is artificially designed must be tested on other living beings to obtain accurate results. On the contrary, natural cosmetics eliminates the need for animal testing, instead, trials can be conducted by experts in laboratories using state of the art equipment with no animals involved.

No synthetic fragrances, only natural scents

One of the major aspects we often failed to consider is how harmful the impact of synthetic scents can be. The adverse influence of the same involves Cancer, Asthma, Kidney Damage and More. The harmful chemicals such as benzene derivatives, aldehydes, toluene and many other known toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions.

Natural beauty products are an exception to this. Since there are no artificial fragrances used, Organic products have a natural, pleasant smell and are scented with oils.

Encourages Sustainability

One inspiring thing regarding the natural beauty care market is that there is a constant demand for plants since they constitute the core ingredients of the products. And because you cannot afford running out of these ingredients, sustainability is essential. The sustainability concept is nothing but producing essential ingredients without harming the environment.

What Do We Offer?

Evescafe - a nature-inspired beauty care store which aims to optimize your daily personal care routine by using ancient herbal remedies. Every product available in our web store is formulated with the utmost care and is based on ancient Ayurvedic prescriptions. We offer solutions for your most common beauty concerns including acne, premature ageing, hair fall, etc. We have hundreds of genuine organic products listed on the website; each addresses specific skin/hair conditions. Check our online store and discover what nature can offer you.

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