Evescafe | Best Ways To Use Hibiscus For Your Hair Growth

Evescafe | Best Ways To Use Hibiscus For Your Hair Growth

The thin hair is one of the biggest problems among lot of women’s today. The causes are different but problem are same like thin hair, hair fall and lack of hair growth. Alternate ways, hair cut, short hair, pony tail and so on. Most of the common woman’s wish is to have shiny and long hair. There are some natural ingredients which you can mix with hibiscus that can help in improving state of your hair.

Other benefits of hibiscus are, it is loaded with Vitamin C, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. A sour tasting hibiscus tea can help cure an upset stomach, menstrual pain, bacterial infections, high blood pressure, acne, cold and premature grey.

There are many benefits on health. There are some effective ways to use hibiscus for healthier hair.

Benefits of Hibiscus for Hair

1)   Hibiscus is rich in amino acids that cherish your hair, buildup your roots, and keep your hair shining and healthy.

2)   It encourages blood flow to the scalp and helps in removing dandruff.

3)   The Hibiscus stimulates hair re-growth from reposing follicles and bald spots. This helps thicken your hair and add volume.

4)   It adds sheen to the hair.

5)   It prevents split ends by keeping your hair hydrated and strong.

6)   It unblock pores and clears the scalp of excess oil secretion.

Amla and Hibiscus Hair Mask


What You Need for Hair Mask

a) You need three table spoon of crushed hibiscus flowers and leaves.

b) Three table spoon of amla powder.

c) Processing Time - 45 minutes



a) Mix the ingredients to form a paste. You may add some water to get a smooth paste consistency.

b) You need to apply the Amla and hibiscus mixture to your scalp and hair.

c) Once all of your hair is covered, leave the mask on for one hour.

d) Rinse it out with shikakai powder.

e) For better results, apply this paste twice a week.

d) You can use this as hair conditioning hair pack.


Why This Works

This hair mask helps strengthen the hair follicles and maintain scalp health, resulting in thick and healthy hair. It also helps condition your hair, making it soft and manageable.

Hibiscus And Eggs boost Hair Growth

Things needed: 

• Hibiscus flower (crushed) – 3 tablespoons

• Egg whites - 2



• Take a small bowl and add crushed hibiscus and 2 eggs whites to it.

• Now, mix the ingredients nicely to form a consistent paste.

• Then, apply this paste to your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes.

• After that, rinse off your hair with mild shampoo.


Then why are you waiting? Just prepare your homemade Hibiscus powder and share your experience.

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