Evescafe | Best Way to Convert Premature Grey Beard to Black Naturally

Evescafe | Best Way to Convert Premature Grey Beard to Black Naturally

In today’s world premature grey beard is a common problem for young men’s. White beard can be very annoying especially when you are early 20s. This might be due to various factor including lifestyle changes.

The cause can be due to unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, stress and vitamin deficiency.


Why premature Greying caused?

Every living organism has natural pigment called melanin. If melanin gets depleted, then it leads to grey hair. Slowly you hair will start turning to grey. Why does this pigment melanin get depleted? Let see.

1)   If you have vitamin deficiency like vitamin B12, iodine, minerals and copper.

2)   If you are not consuming healthy nutritious diet melanin will get depleted from your body.

3)   Excessive consumption of alcohol will lead to melanin deficiency. This an important reason why men’s at young age has grey beard issues.

4)   Grey beard might be due to hereditary factor. In this case you can’t do much about. You can consume healthy diet which might help to stop grey beard.

5)   The stress and mental worries will directly affect melanin pigment.


Natural Remedies for Premature White beard

Curry leaves (Murraya koenigii)

The curry leaves are very effective medicine for grey beard problem. They are used in several Ayurvedic and Siddha treatment. The chemical constituents contain cinnamaldehyde, Carbazole alkaloids and Girinimbine reverse white beard into black.

1)   Add bunch of curry leaves in 100ml of water.

2)   Boil the water for more than 10 minutes on low flame

3)   You will notice the leaf breaks down into half.

4)   Drink the mixture everyday morning just before you take your breakfast.


For External Use

1)   Take a table spoon of curry leaf powder and mix it with a cup of butter milk.

2)   Just heat the mixture for 5 minutes on low flame.

3)   Apply the mixture onto your beard for 15 minutes.

4)   Wash your face with ice water.

Vitamin B12, minerals and iron rich food

Vitamin B12 helps to prevent greying hair. You need to take adequate diet rich in copper, zinc and iron. You can add more dairy products, fish and fruits to your daily diet. Sure you will notice better results in coming days.

Evescafe’s Premature Grey Beard Reversing Oil

Evescafe Grey Beard Darkening Oil is an ideal solution to reverse grey beard naturally. It combines an exotic blend of natural herbs like Amla, Kadukkai, Bhringa & more. Further, all these miraculous herbs are infused in 100% pure Gingelly oil to reverse and prevent premature greying. Combining the goodness of essential ingredients, our  Premature grey Beard Darkening Oil penetrates deep into the skin to reverse white beard. Further, the subtle fusion of wonder herbs enriches the hair’s pigmentation and nourishes the hair from within. It gives a shiny, lustrous and natural colour to the beard. This premature grey beard oil is also effective in rejuvenating & tightening saggy skin.


Reverses grey/white beard permanently

Treats premature greying of beard

Deeply penetrates the skin and darkens the hair follicles

Hydrates the beard and makes it soft


Amlakai, Kadukkai, Bhringaraj leaves, Curry leaves, Aloe Vera, Brahmi leaves, Gingelly oil and more.

So follow above natural remedies and get raid of grey beard.


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