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Evescafe’s Bhringraj Hair Oil is a highly concentrated formula perfectly blended with bhringraj, brahmi, amla and many others in organic coconut oil. The formulation nourishes the scalp, prevents hair loss, helps in hair regrowth. This herbal oil is an effective remedy for treating hair loss, baldness, dry scalp and maintain natural hair color. It is infused with calming scents that calms and relax the body and mind. This in turn promotes hair regeneration and strengthens hair follicles.


  • Treats Baldness
  • Stimulates Hair Regrowth
  • Prevents Hair Fall
  • Nourishment hair
  • Thickens the Hair
  • Maintain natural hair color
  • Makes Hair Shin
  • Strengthens hair follicles

How to Use

  • Part your hair and apply Bhringraj hair oil on the scalp and hair.
  • Massage the scalp gently in a circular motion for 10 mins
  • Leave at least an hour or more before washing.


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Monday 25 September 2017 02.11
Very useful oil for baldness

I am a big fan of your anti baldness oil. It is very effective for hair loss problem. Helps to hair regrowth.. amazing!!

    Friday 22 September 2017 02.09

    I heard good reviews about this anti baldness hair oil. I am happy with the result.

      Friday 22 September 2017 02.08
      positive result

      quality is good and I've been using this Bhringraj Oil for last 4 months. Positive result.

        Monday 21 August 2017 12.05

        Awsum Product!!

          Saturday 12 August 2017 01.23

          the perfect solution for baldness problem.

            Monday 7 August 2017 03.31
            Go for it

            effective oil for baldness

              Tuesday 1 August 2017 01.53

              Recovering some thickness. I really like this oil.

                Friday 7 July 2017 07.41
                I LIKE THIS OIL


                  Friday 30 June 2017 02.12
                  Very happy

                  I got relief from hair fall. This oil also treats baldness. Nice...

                    Friday 23 June 2017 04.25
                    Perfect consistency

                    Just used 2 months and I can feel a striking difference.

                      Friday 9 June 2017 06.37
                      It seems good!!!

                      Really this product is effected and package also good.

                        Thursday 1 June 2017 07.30
                        five star

                        hair become healthy over good product. it's very nice product.

                          Saturday 27 May 2017 06.56
                          Hair growing

                          I sure that hair falling is fully stopped and also grows. Very effective.

                            Thursday 18 May 2017 09.12

                            calming and cooling for the scalp. safe and effective

                              Thursday 11 May 2017 08.45
                              Smelly & Shiny

                              Hair fall is much less now. Totally satisfied.

                                Wednesday 3 May 2017 07.38

                                Actually, this is my second. I found this through my friend's suggestion, awesome

                                  Thursday 20 April 2017 07.43
                                  Very Surprising-!

                                  Truth!! As described, Amazing!

                                    Wednesday 12 April 2017 09.22
                                    Every thing is fine…

                                    I love this product and my hair is getting thicker!!!!!!

                                      Thursday 6 April 2017 07.49
                                      It Really Does Work!!

                                      Does what it says. My hair has grow a lot from this oil and it has stop shedding. Only thing is that it don't last long. I Would Recommend This Oil.

                                        Friday 24 March 2017 13.51
                                        FIVE STARS

                                        After only a week of use, the hair loss stopped and im hoping to see new hair growth soon!!

                                          Tuesday 14 March 2017 13.22
                                          I am truly in love with this natural hair care product..

                                          I am truly in love with this herbal product. They deliver on all the promises they make, you just have to use it for little while to see results!

                                            Sunday 29 January 2017 01.39
                                            Effective Oil

                                            It's a nice non greasy oil.

                                              Wednesday 4 January 2017 03.57
                                              Amazing product!!!

                                              Amazing product.At first, I didn’t believe, realized after I use.No, lose hair after this oil using. Thanks, evescafe.

                                                Monday 26 December 2016 02.14
                                                Good Hair Oil!

                                                Thanks to reducing my hair fall. It’s effective if used regularly.

                                                  Friday 23 December 2016 04.16
                                                  Five Stars

                                                  Works great

                                                    Thursday 8 December 2016 02.13
                                                    I like it!

                                                    I suggest this product those who suffering from baldness hair, I'm getting a difference in one month itself. Good Product!Thanks .

                                                      Wednesday 16 November 2016 05.08
                                                      Bhringraj Hair Oil (Anti Baldness Hair Oil)

                                                      After using the product my hair started to grow. I can,t believe that. I am 100% satisfaction with this product.

                                                        Monday 31 October 2016 04.59
                                                        Perfect hair after using Bhringraj Hair Oil

                                                        I had itchy scalp and thinning hair in the front. tried Bhringraj Hair Oil (Anti Baldness Hair Oil) then I noticed a lot of new hair growth . Now I have no hair loss and my hair is very thick and hairline is very healthy. My hair is longer as well..I love it

                                                          Tuesday 9 August 2016 03.27

                                                          Good result

                                                            Saturday 19 March 2016 03.19

                                                            It's really works..
                                                            If u have hair follicles, u must try it..
                                                            Need to be patience and should apply twice a day..!!

                                                              Sunday 17 January 2016 08.43
                                                              nice experience

                                                              really stop hair fall.

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                                                                Bhringraj Hair Oil

                                                                Bhringraj Hair Oil

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