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This Herbal Oil is 100% organic and pure. This herbal oil for hair growth helps to control hair fall and foster new hair growth. The goodness of amla, hibiscus, tulsi, bhringaraj, neem and bottle guard prevent the scalp from infections, dandruff, psoriasis, etc. The subtle combination of herbal extracts in this oil promotes fast hair growth, prevents hair loss and controls premature greying of hair. It also greatly helps in revitalizing the hair follicles to help regrow thicker hair. This oil quickly penetrates the scalp and nourishes the scalp while strengthening the hair strands. Further, it acts as a deep conditioner and makes the hair healthy and silky.


  • Stops Hair Loss
  • Improves Hair Regrowth
  • Cures Scalp Itchiness
  • Makes Hair Shafts Stronger and Shiner
  • Removes Dandruff
  • Tames the Frizzy Hair
  • Prevents Split ends
  • Reverses Premature Greying

How to Use

  • Part your hair and apply hair growth oil on the scalp and hair.
  • Massage the scalp gently in a circular motion for 10 mins
  • Leave at least an hour or more before washing.


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Tuesday 26 September 2017 02.11
better than the others

suitable for all hair types also controlled dandruff

    Tuesday 26 September 2017 02.10
    Hair care product

    The oil contains full of natural ingredients. Light fragrance. Reduces hair fall and makes hair thicker!

      Saturday 16 September 2017 02.18
      It worked on me ..Happy

      Packaging is good... After using this hair feels soft and frizz free.

        Saturday 12 August 2017 01.22

        amazing!!! stopped my hair fall

          Monday 7 August 2017 03.30
          Very good

          Given great results. Very good product....

            Tuesday 1 August 2017 01.52

            controlling hair fall. hair growth was started, thank you.

            • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
            Friday 7 July 2017 07.32
            I am impressed

            My hair grown stronger and shiner and actually gained some length.

              Friday 30 June 2017 02.11
              Unbelievable results!

              Good stuff. I have noticed a lot of tiny hairs. It's really amazing!!

                Friday 23 June 2017 04.25
                for all hair types

                hair started growing in much faster.

                  Friday 9 June 2017 06.37

                  The best remedy for hair loss problem. Helps to hair regrowth.

                    Thursday 1 June 2017 07.29

                    Once I saw hair growth oil information on your site I was really surprised. 100% pure and no chemical. I love this oil so much.

                      Saturday 27 May 2017 06.55
                      recommended one

                      are you looking to increase your hair growth?? then don't worry I recommend you to use evescafe hair growth oil. really I got best result friends. strongly recommended.

                        Wednesday 17 May 2017 05.52
                        GOOD CARE FOR HAIR


                          Thursday 11 May 2017 08.45

                          really work on Hair Fall. works great for me.

                            Wednesday 3 May 2017 07.38
                            Great item

                            My hairs regained its glossy appearance and become strong from roots within 2 months. I am very happy.

                              Thursday 20 April 2017 07.42
                              Thanks I recieved.

                              i recieved it but have yet to use it waiting for results.

                                Wednesday 12 April 2017 09.20
                                Good so far.. we will see

                                I used it for a month I applied it to my scalp 3-4 times a week. My hair feels stronger and softer. I'm not sure of the length because I'm waiting until the fourth month of using it.

                                  Thursday 6 April 2017 07.49
                                  Love it.

                                  I love it !! It made my hair thicker & I've only been using it for two months.

                                    Friday 17 March 2017 15.58
                                    MIRACLE OIL

                                    Great Product...not too fond of the smell but this stuff works! Saw results in 2wks...makes hair softer, thicker and longer...just a great product!!

                                      Saturday 11 March 2017 17.53
                                      Hair Thickening Oil!!

                                      I Am Seeing Result With This Product, My Hair Is Growing Back...

                                        Monday 30 January 2017 11.19
                                        An absolute five star product.

                                        I'm loving this oil! It is everything I was expecting. Thank you so much!

                                          Monday 30 January 2017 03.32
                                          I love the smell and it helps revive my hair..

                                          I love the smell and it helps revive my hair when it's looking/ feeling a bit dry. I really like using it in my beard as well.

                                            Monday 9 January 2017 04.28
                                            Amazing Hair oil !!!

                                            Realy your product is very useful for hair growth without any side effect.

                                              Tuesday 3 January 2017 02.28
                                              AWESOME OIL!!

                                              THIS OIL IS VERY GOOD!! and stopped my hair fall the very first time I used it.

                                                Wednesday 28 December 2016 01.11
                                                No Words!

                                                Your product is really amazing!!!I'm fully satisfied with this product..Now my hair growing faster .Thanx!!!

                                                  Sunday 4 December 2016 02.18
                                                  I love the smell and it helps revive my hair..

                                                  I love the smell and it helps revive my hair when it's looking/ feeling a bit dry. I really like using it in my beard as well.

                                                    Thursday 1 December 2016 00.23
                                                    Really good product

                                                    Such an amazing product!! Helped a lot in reducing hair fall within a week. A really good product and a must try for all people suffering from hair fall. Hoping positive hair growth results after continuous use for a couple of months.

                                                      Sunday 20 November 2016 03.17
                                                      very good product

                                                      very good product.but u need to use thrice a week to get result

                                                        Tuesday 8 November 2016 03.15
                                                        very effective

                                                        it reduce 90% hairfall.

                                                          Saturday 15 October 2016 03.14
                                                          very effective

                                                          it reduce 90% hairfall.

                                                            Monday 26 September 2016 02.48
                                                            Decent oil

                                                            Really good product

                                                              Monday 5 September 2016 02.45
                                                              this is a good one

                                                              not at all sticky so easy to apply and less messy for the bedsheet also ...
                                                              it was able to do the job .. but have to apply this on alternate days to be effective.

                                                                Saturday 13 August 2016 02.27
                                                                Excellent product

                                                                Excellent product.Used it in the night and did a head bath in the morning.In just three days had a relief from dandruff.The smell though is strong but pleasant.

                                                                  Friday 24 June 2016 01.37
                                                                  Pretty good

                                                                  nice delivery, good product

                                                                    Tuesday 29 March 2016 01.09

                                                                    I have been using this oil for a month now and I really find difference in my hair. My hairfall has reduced, it's become more softer and shines now. I think it's worth the money and worth giving a try.

                                                                      Saturday 30 January 2016 08.39

                                                                      Improves Hair Regrowth

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                                                                        Herbal Hair Oil

                                                                        Herbal Hair Oil

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