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It's a hand-blended organic cleanser combines pure extracts of 15 essential Ayurvedic herbs, which gently cleans your hair and leaves it luxuriously Soft, Silky & Shiny. An invigorating combination of Neem, Tulsi & Methi works like magic in treating the scalp infections and other problems like dandruff. Further, these herbal infusions in this cleanser act gently to give your hair a natural shine, luster and fragrance. It also nourishes your hair from inside and strengthens the tresses. It deep conditions your hair with the richness of Aloe Vera, Rose & Hibiscus. This cleanser will not strip off the natural oils from the hair and gives natural bounce and thickness to the hair.


  •     Cleanses the Scalp
  •     Removes Dirt &Impurities
  •     Treats scalp Itchiness
  •     Strengthens Hair Shaft
  •     Improves Healthy Hair Growth
  •     Treats Lifeless and Thinning Hair
  •     Conditions the Hair

How to Use:

  •     Take ¼ cup of this Shikakai powder and mix it with water or curd (Quantity is based on your hair length).
  •     Apply the paste lavishly to your scalp and hair.
  •     Gently massage your scalp in a circular motion for a few mins as you do with the shampoo and then rinse your hair in the running water.


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Monday 14 August 2017 01.25
Thank you

Hi, a few days ago I received the product. I have started using it.

    Tuesday 8 August 2017 01.05

    Best substitute for other chemical based products.

      Tuesday 1 August 2017 01.56

      Little bit costly. But it's ok because it contains 100% natural ingredients

        Saturday 8 July 2017 01.29
        results are amazing

        I'll continue to purchase this Herbal Shikakai Powder.

          Monday 3 July 2017 05.27
          effective one

          I loved the effects on my hair, this product would be wonderful.

            Saturday 24 June 2017 07.49
            Easy to use

            It rinsed out very easy and fast. And also I noticed how soft my hair was.

              Saturday 10 June 2017 09.02

              really it works wonders.dont have to worry about the side effects.

                Friday 2 June 2017 09.46

                Happy with the product as it great for my dry hair.

                  Saturday 27 May 2017 07.01
                  Works fine

                  Totally ayurvedic.Received the products in good condition.

                    Friday 19 May 2017 07.03


                      Saturday 13 May 2017 09.31

                      it works for my hair the best. ayurvedic product.

                        Thursday 4 May 2017 07.25

                        It is easy to clean up. I am pleasantly surprised Very moisturizing!!!

                          Friday 21 April 2017 08.37
                          No.1 Quality

                          Really good Shikakai Powder, which is really herbal, unlike others in market. And the results are also nice just after the first wash. Go for it guys.

                            Wednesday 12 April 2017 10.17
                            very Good Product.

                            good care of hair totally ayurvedik

                              Thursday 6 April 2017 07.54
                              Nice Quality Product

                              Received the products in good condition and just as mentioned..would recommend it.

                                Monday 20 March 2017 15.21

                                Gud...thanks 4 d wonderful bouquet of treasure..

                                  Wednesday 22 February 2017 15.51
                                  five stars

                                  very good quality product

                                    Tuesday 24 January 2017 06.29

                                    This shikakai powder is easy to use and makes the perfect hair.

                                      Monday 9 January 2017 02.53
                                      Awesome Powder

                                      It cleans the oil, dandruff, and makes the scalp clean and healthy

                                        Friday 30 December 2016 04.11
                                        It Reduced The Hair Fall

                                        So many hair care products are available in the market today.. but I suggest you all use evescafe shikakai powder, it will reduce hair fall and gives strength to your hair.

                                          Saturday 17 December 2016 06.18
                                          GOOD PRODUCT!

                                          I used this for 3 times. I feel the differents when compare to other products..

                                            Tuesday 6 December 2016 11.23
                                            makes hair soft

                                            This shikakai powder is very useful, cleaning dandruff and making soft hairs.

                                              Tuesday 1 November 2016 01.36
                                              Treats scalp Itchiness nicely....

                                              Treats scalp Itchiness nicely....and strengthens the hair.

                                                Tuesday 27 September 2016 06.10
                                                Highly Recommended...

                                                ya, Herbal Shikakai Powder suits for both male and female and children..and Herbal Shikakai Powder purely natural made so it doesn’t have side effects.. i suggest this to u.

                                                  Sunday 7 August 2016 06.08
                                                  Good results!!!!

                                                  I used this n number of times.. it never failed me to impress.. this is best when compared to the shampoos available in market..

                                                    Sunday 5 June 2016 06.07
                                                    happy to review the Shikakai Powder!!!!

                                                    thanks a ton for this review. i got my bottle today only and i was half-minded to use it or not, how wil it be…so its exactly wat i needed now...

                                                      Sunday 31 January 2016 08.31
                                                      very good. pls reduce shipping cost

                                                      Really removes Dirt &Impurities

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                                                        Herbal Shikakai Powder

                                                        Herbal Shikakai Powder

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