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Anti-Dandruff Hair Pack

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This anti-dandruff hair pack is 100% organic and enriched with herbs and natural moisturizers. The natural fusion of neem, lemon zest and basil leaves in this hair pack, thoroughly cleanses the hair and gently removes dandruff. The presence of soothing Aloe Vera and Fenugreek helps to relieve the scalp itchiness and ensures a healthy scalp. This gentle organic formula adds lustrous shine to your hair while preventing further outbursts or dandruff. It is also effective in treating seborrhoeic dermatitis and scalp psoriasis. This hair doesn’t strip the natural sheen of hair as it contains deep moisturizing properties.


  •     Treats and prevents dandruff
  •     Banishes any signs of pesky dandruff flakes
  •     Revitalize and soothe hair & scalp
  •     Cleanses the dirt and impurities
  •     Helps in reducing hair loss caused by dandruff
  •     Visible dandruff reduction after just few washes
  •     Repairs damaged hair and adds volume
  •     Invigorates hair growth naturally

How to Use:

  •     Take ¼ cup of this anti- dandruff powder and mix it with curd or water (Quantity is based on your hair length).
  •     Apply the paste lavishly on your scalp and hair.
  •     Gently massage your scalp in a circular motion for 5 to 10 mins.
  •     Leave it for at least 2 hours and then rinse your hair in the running water.
  •     Don’t use shampoo for rinsing.


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Friday 13 October 2017 02.10
It makes my hair feel good.

I highly recommend the use of this Anti dandruff hair pack for those with dandruff hair.

    Friday 13 October 2017 02.09

    I shocked my hair-fall also stopped. valuable one!!!

      Monday 9 October 2017 00.59
      100% good.

      Actually, it reduces and removes my dandruff.

        Monday 14 August 2017 01.24
        Great product

        80% dandruff is almost gone...

          Tuesday 8 August 2017 01.05

          does not try my hair. reduces dandruff and hair fall.

            Tuesday 1 August 2017 01.55

            All instructions given the site itself. Totally satisfied.

              Saturday 8 July 2017 01.29

              I received the product within expected delivery date. Good service.

                Monday 3 July 2017 05.27
                five star

                likes it a lot. so convenient to use

                  Saturday 24 June 2017 07.47
                  GREAT VALUE


                    Saturday 10 June 2017 09.01
                    Herbal pack

                    Just a few washes surely you can able to see the results.

                      Friday 2 June 2017 09.46
                      Best way

                      Natural way and the best way to take care of your hair.

                        Saturday 27 May 2017 07.01
                        nice hair pack

                        very effective in hair loss as well as for shine and dandruff. best hair pack for your dandruff.

                          Friday 19 May 2017 07.02

                          It's a great brand. find the best solution for my dandruff problem.

                            Saturday 13 May 2017 09.31
                            huge improvement

                            after a few more washings I saw the huge improvement. Dandruff almost has gone.

                              Thursday 4 May 2017 07.31
                              Hair pack is awesome

                              I loved the results from the hair pack. my scalp felt clean. dandruff was gone!!!

                                Friday 21 April 2017 08.36
                                Good Product!!

                                Pretty Good Product.. Better than any other anti dandruff products..

                                  Wednesday 12 April 2017 09.25

                                  It works good for old dandruff, and it wipes it instantly...Thanks a lot..

                                    Thursday 6 April 2017 07.53
                                    It works...! Wonderful

                                    Finally got a cost effective solution for dandruff free hair.. First i was very skeptical to buy this, but after using it as directed for 2weeks gave me good results. Tnx!!!!!!

                                      Wednesday 22 March 2017 16.05
                                      effective and worth a buy

                                      very effective !! its a great product for those with serious dandruff me.. !!

                                        Monday 13 February 2017 13.19
                                        BEST FOR DANDRUFF

                                        This seems to work, the best part is that it helps fight recurring dandruff which most treatments don't do in such a way that it doesn't harm your hair & scalp.

                                          Wednesday 25 January 2017 05.07
                                          100% NATURAL!!!!!

                                          I’ve used this for a couple of times, the nice smell gives me a nice feel..

                                            Sunday 8 January 2017 01.24
                                            Makes Soft Hair

                                            I have used this for 2 times, it has cleaned dandruff and makes my hair soft

                                              Monday 26 December 2016 01.13
                                              Pure and Great Value

                                              It had removed the 90% of the dandruff of my hair…

                                                Wednesday 21 December 2016 11.26
                                                Would recommend highly!

                                                This is the second time I have ordered and my Wife loves using it for him hair! Would recommend highly!

                                                  Sunday 11 December 2016 05.23
                                                  Skin friendly

                                                  This pack is very skin friendly and it cleans dandruff from the 2nd use..

                                                    Tuesday 27 September 2016 07.58
                                                    Great stuff.

                                                    NYC product.. after 1 use only hair feels softer shinier n healthier..

                                                      Monday 15 August 2016 07.56

                                                      Just used it today!! Such a herbal fresh feeling and my skin is just bright instant!!!

                                                        Sunday 17 April 2016 07.55
                                                        Best hair pack.

                                                        Amazing results.... Best hair pack i have ever used... Makes hair soft and manageble after first use..

                                                          Tuesday 29 March 2016 07.55

                                                          The package arrived yesterday and I applied it as soon as I received it. Good part is that it is totally herbal with no chemicals.
                                                          It made my hair smooth and shinny.

                                                            Monday 1 February 2016 08.28
                                                            Very nice...

                                                            After uste this Invigorates hair growth naturally

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                                                              Anti-Dandruff Hair Pack

                                                              Anti-Dandruff Hair Pack

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