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Hair Conditioning Hair Pack

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Evescafe’s herbal hair conditioning pack contains 100% natural ingredients which fortify weak, dry and damaged tresses with its deep conditioning formula. This is a handmade hair conditioning pack combines the power of ancient Indian Ayurvedic techniques that aids in restoring dry hair naturally. It is slightly perfumed with just a touch of herbal scents Marikozhundhu and Mahilampoo. This conditioning pack is rich and becomes creamy when it is added to water, makes your hair totally tangle-free. This hair pack also helps to increase growth by nourishing and stimulating the hair follicles. This herbal hair conditioner works for all types of hair and restores the lost shine and luster.


  •     Conditions the hair naturally
  •     Restores dry hair shafts & potentially reduces hair breakage
  •     Reconstructs dull & damaged hair
  •     Adds natural sheen and bounce to hair growth
  •     Greatly improves the overall quality and appreance of your scalp and strands
  •     It prevents split ends and helps in hair growth

How to Use:

  •     Take ¼ cup of this conditioning powder and mix it with water or curd (Quantity is based on your hair length).
  •     Apply the paste lavishly to your scalp and hair.
  •     Gently massage your scalp in a circular motion for 5 mins.
  •     Leave it for at least 1 to 2 hours and then rinse your hair in the running water.
  •     Don’t use shampoo for rinsing.


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Thursday 5 October 2017 02.13

the pack is ready made... just need to apply it. effective results

    Thursday 5 October 2017 02.13

    Best hair pack for dull and damaged hair.

      Thursday 21 September 2017 02.02
      Best one

      The hair pack enhanced the quality of my hair

        Monday 14 August 2017 01.23

        soften the hair and reduce hair fall.

          Tuesday 8 August 2017 01.04
          Hair care product

          It is a good herbal homemade hair pack. Good product for hair care

            Tuesday 1 August 2017 01.55

            Thanks to evescafe for the on time delivery. Chemical free hair pack.

              Saturday 8 July 2017 01.28
              highly satisfied

              My sister loves this hair pack. Packaged well!

                Monday 3 July 2017 05.26
                THUMBS UP

                It works well to wash my hair. My hair gets more shine.

                  Saturday 24 June 2017 07.46
                  I love this herbal hair pack

                  Perfect remedy for dry and frizzy hair. Love you.

                    Saturday 10 June 2017 09.00
                    Happy with this purchase

                    My sister uses this hair pack she is completely satisfied. Excellent product.

                      Friday 2 June 2017 09.45
                      Safe to use!!!

                      My hair is soft and silky. Last few months I had using this hair pack. Never had a problem.

                        Saturday 27 May 2017 07.00
                        Love it.

                        Good conditioning for hair. Gives you a smooth finish and makes hair more manageable.

                          Thursday 18 May 2017 09.16

                          Really it is help to reduce the hair breakages

                            Saturday 13 May 2017 09.30


                              Thursday 4 May 2017 07.24

                              Really it Conditions the hair from inside

                                Friday 21 April 2017 08.36
                                Really nice!! Thanks

                                A nice hair pack. It makes hair softer and better looking after application. And the fact that it is herbal shows in its texture, feel and smell. Excellent product.

                                  Wednesday 12 April 2017 10.18

                                  Amazing Results.... Best hair pack I have ever used... Makes hair soft and Manageble After First Use...

                                    Wednesday 12 April 2017 09.25
                                    Best Hair Pack...

                                    The package arrived yesterday and i applied it as soon as i received it. Good part is that it is totally herbal with no chemicals.
                                    It Made My Hair Smooth And Shinny.

                                      Thursday 6 April 2017 07.53
                                      Best Hair Pack...

                                      The package arrived yesterday and i applied it as soon as i received it. Good part is that it is totally herbal with no chemicals.
                                      It Made My Hair Smooth And Shinny.

                                        Wednesday 15 March 2017 17.15
                                        five stars

                                        it's good .. my hair has become soft and manageable... no need for conditioner.

                                          Thursday 9 March 2017 11.13
                                          NICE PRODUCT !

                                          REALLY DO MIRACLES VERY GOOD PRODUCT!! FOR DRY HAIR WORKS AWESOME!

                                            Friday 27 January 2017 04.49
                                            Fantastic Conditioner!

                                            This is a fantastic conditioner. It smells amazing and doesn't leave my hair heavy, greasy, or full of static. It is great to use every day and works amazingly with the conditioner.

                                              Saturday 7 January 2017 12.21
                                              love, love, love!

                                              My hair feels and smells great. I have fine hair and it doesn't weigh it down or make it look greasy. Lovely !!

                                                Tuesday 3 January 2017 01.36
                                                Good Conditioner

                                                I use this daily with the shampoo. I have oily hair at the roots but I need a good conditioner for the ends. This conditioner has improved the texture of my hair.

                                                  Tuesday 13 December 2016 02.24
                                                  Outstanding product!

                                                  I am just loving it. It makes my hair so smooth and silk for 2-3 days.

                                                    Sunday 4 December 2016 04.53
                                                    Great natural hair pack!

                                                    This natural hair conditioner is my absolute favorite. I have curly hair that I straighten. This conditioner leaves my hair Naturally soft, smelling wonderful, and full of body.

                                                      Sunday 9 October 2016 01.57
                                                      I'm satisfied.

                                                      It works nicely on split ends and helps in hair growth....I'm satisfied.

                                                        Wednesday 21 September 2016 01.47
                                                        Happy to use this!!!!!!!!!

                                                        Stimulates hair growth very well, Soothes and heals irritated well on dry hairs.

                                                          Sunday 5 June 2016 01.43
                                                          Good hair conditioner...

                                                          Benefits to hair: 1. Adds moisture to hair
                                                          2. Conditions the hair
                                                          3. Nourishes new growth

                                                            Wednesday 27 April 2016 08.42

                                                            Bought it for my wife and she is happy with the product. Shipping was quick too, thanks for that.

                                                              Sunday 10 January 2016 08.26
                                                              Thanks Sheerin

                                                              Greatly improves the overall quality and appreance of my scalp and strands

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                                                                Hair Conditioning Hair Pack

                                                                Hair Conditioning Hair Pack

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