Rejuvenating Face Pack for Dull & Dry Skin

New Rejuvenating Face Pack for Dull & Dry Skin

Rejuvenating Face Pack for Dull & Dry Skin

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It combines highly concentrated extracts of Aloe Vera, Orange Peel & Haldi, to regenerate new skin and to bring a natural glow. The Ayurvedic blend of herbs in this pack hydrates & nourish the skin and improves the skin texture. The pure extracts of turmeric act as an anti-septic and clear out acne, as well as protect the skin from germs. This herbal pack with its rich nutrients nurtures and restores the skin. It also gives your skin a radiant complexion.


  • Treats & nourish dry skin
  • Moisturizes the skin from inside
  • Keeps the skin healthy & glowing
  • Makes the skin Soft & Supple

How to Use

  • Mix it with Rose water or Lemon juice
  • Apply it on cleansed face & wash it after 15 mins
  • For best results, use twice a week


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Monday 27 March 2017 15.28
five stars

yes it's a very good product. i recommend it to all my friends…

    Wednesday 15 March 2017 04.44
    Nice Work Done By It

    Very nice face pack..... Gives a glow and moistured skin.

      Tuesday 31 January 2017 03.19
      Love it!!

      I really love this ....After using this, my face does glow although this brightness doesn’t last more than 2 days or so. Now I'm having clear and pretty skin!!

        Monday 2 January 2017 02.26
        Wow, I can’t believe this!!!

        I use this face pack when my skin looks a bit dull and dry...It's Perfect!!! I find it cooling and more relaxing to let it dry off naturally.

          Friday 23 December 2016 03.10
          I give full stars!!

          Love this face pack!!! Makes my skin so soft and supple...5 stars all the way!!!!

            Monday 19 December 2016 06.19
            Super pack for dry skin!!

            I will keep using this product twice a week. I recommend it to anyone that's wanting nourish and rejuvenate their skin.

              Sunday 4 December 2016 02.13
              Highly recommended!

              We bought this Pack on a whim while visiting online natural product. We ended up loving it and I'm so glad it's available on evescafe only! It really cleans and brightens up your whole face, highly recommended.

                Wednesday 9 November 2016 00.51
                worked great

                One of the finest products I used till date.I purchased it from a trade festival.The results were fabulous.I had acne on the T portion of my face..thanks to this awesome facepack it's vanished..I ama regular user of this product and this is byfar the best product I came across..kudos to the makers...loved it..

                  Monday 31 October 2016 00.49
                  good face pack

                  good face pack & helped alot ..

                    Tuesday 20 September 2016 00.48
                    Best product

                    am using this product 5 days and it's very effective it removes irritation in skin and provides fresh feel if you want best skin care product today then this aloe vera gel it is the best don't be in dilemma trust me is the best of all please buy it

                      Sunday 7 August 2016 09.14
                      Thank you Sheerin.. for shipping this to London

                      I used this product after used this my skin soft & supple.

                        Monday 4 July 2016 02.17
                        Thank you!

                        My sister and I ordered it together. Now we are both fairer and having the time of our lives. I am not sure this will always be available so I would hurry."

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                          Rejuvenating Face Pack for Dull & Dry Skin

                          Rejuvenating Face Pack for Dull & Dry Skin

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