Face Pack for Removing Hyperpigmentation

New Face Pack for Removing Hyperpigmentation

Face Pack for Removing Hyperpigmentation

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This herbal pack is 100 % natural and is made from the house of Ayurvedic. Blended with the goodness of natural skin lightening herbs, including licorice, nutmeg & cinnamon which are powerful in reducing the appearance of freckles and lightens the pigmented area. This unique formulation removes skin pigmentation by replacing dead cells with new shiny skin. This ancient secret method aids in reducing the appearance of discolored skin patches & age spots while improving the skin complexion.


  • Lightens & prevents pigmentation
  • Restores the skin
  • Gives nurtured and polished skin
  • Gives even skin tone
  • Leaves the skin flawless
  • Delivers visible results

How to Use

  • Mix it with Honey or Milk
  • Apply it on cleansed face & wash it after 15 mins
  • For best results, use twice a week


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Thursday 12 October 2017 09.12
Fantastic remedy

The best remedy for my hyperpigmentation problem. Nice!!

    Thursday 12 October 2017 09.11

    Replace the dead cells. Gives new feel to my skin

      Monday 25 September 2017 02.12

      I have a lot of pimple and open pores on my face. I found your natural face pack for pimples. Let see the results.

        Thursday 17 August 2017 01.24

        I purchased for my wife. Satisfied!!

          Thursday 10 August 2017 01.04
          Feels good

          Gives lighter completion

            Thursday 3 August 2017 05.39

            This hyperpigmentation face pack restores the skin cells.

              Tuesday 11 July 2017 01.43
              highly recommended

              this product is great highly recommended

                Wednesday 5 July 2017 01.36
                fast relief

                If you want to get fast rid of hyperpigmentation issues then this pack is one of the best remedy

                  Wednesday 28 June 2017 02.22
                  Best product

                  I purchased this because of the great reviews... I have noticed a huge difference in my face.

                    Tuesday 13 June 2017 10.15
                    Good Option

                    I'd give it five stars. This product worked well.

                      Wednesday 7 June 2017 06.02
                      Great value

                      I saw a slight difference in my skin. Overall safe to use.

                        Tuesday 30 May 2017 05.39

                        Improving the skin complexion.

                          Monday 22 May 2017 05.42


                            Monday 15 May 2017 07.19
                            Very helpful

                            Removes Pigmentation And Dark Spots

                              Tuesday 9 May 2017 09.23

                              helps to reduce the appearance of discolored skin patches

                                Tuesday 25 April 2017 05.57

                                ORIGINAL PRODUCT.

                                  Saturday 15 April 2017 05.40
                                  Good Product!…

                                  Ordered for my wife. She is delighted to use it.Results are coming out. Will take one more pack to fully take effect,,
                                  Recommended for those who love their wife.

                                    Friday 7 April 2017 08.11

                                    Its a very good product and best night face pack I have used till now. You can see the effects in a week time, it also would prove to be a good night pack keeping skin soft and supple….

                                      Wednesday 15 March 2017 15.15
                                      I give 4 Starts

                                      Good product. Working amazingly for de-pigmentation. Thanks SHEERIN

                                        Wednesday 15 March 2017 04.13
                                        No Side Effect.

                                        Pure Natural Face Pack.No Side Effects.

                                          Sunday 29 January 2017 01.49
                                          Nice product!!

                                          Easy to use and fast working, use twice a week. It works great!!! Thnx

                                            Thursday 5 January 2017 11.37
                                            my skin looks fabulous.

                                            I am over 55. super thin, dry skin with lots of hyperpigmentation. I use this face pack over my serums and I receive lots of hydration and firming throughout the day and night ( i use this at night too) and I have not had a single blemish, red spot, dry spot since. I love this and its worth the price.

                                              Wednesday 28 December 2016 00.51

                                              This face pack leaves my skin feeling wonderful. Does not irritate my skin at all..THANKS

                                                Sunday 4 December 2016 03.17
                                                perfect!!! effective.

                                                I love using this a few times a week and I will be repurchasing for life!This is the perfect rescue for skin!!

                                                  Thursday 1 December 2016 01.08
                                                  Prevent Pigmentation!!

                                                  I fell in love with this product after my first use. I have very dry and discolored skin and this product has been the best. Your product helped to prevent pigmentation. Thanks a lot!!

                                                    Tuesday 1 November 2016 01.15
                                                    Great stuff.

                                                    This is a very nice product. It makes the face look fairer and glowing.

                                                      Saturday 17 September 2016 01.14
                                                      Works well

                                                      Works well &instant de pigmentation from sun tan.

                                                        Monday 18 July 2016 01.14
                                                        Good product

                                                        works too fastly and gives good result.

                                                          Monday 29 February 2016 01.13
                                                          amazing product

                                                          It's...such an amazing product.started reflecting changes in my skin tone after the regular use in one month.its a miraculous oil..please buy it worth for the rate.an awesome product from West coast.m really sorry for review it after a short periods of it's usages.100 stars m giving.. cleared my pimple.wrinkles.sun tan.pigmentation.opened pores..etc..plz..apply the oil as per in instructions.otherwise it may leave redness in face.

                                                            Friday 15 January 2016 09.03

                                                            Really after used this product gives nurtured and polished skin to me.

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                                                              Face Pack for Removing Hyperpigmentation

                                                              Face Pack for Removing Hyperpigmentation

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